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2018 Entries

Here are the entries submitted so far in 2018!

If you submitted your entry it might take a day or two before it shows up here. I’ll upload them as fast as I can!

Ye good old days Unstuck Sticker Monsters
GPS Pursuit Relationship: Intense Ikigai : One Tiny Life
Beyond the Howling Sands The Dead Flag Blues (based on the song) 24 Words And A Moment
Look up! Look up! Look up! Dine in and Die Entropy
Wish You Were Here Knights and their Lances Live Action Elimination Game, a D100 game.
The Dragon's Den Secret Person of Color Childish Things
The Harsh Secret Agenda Crystalium
Babble On Walk About We Can Once More Ascend
Caltrops Spectrum Going 'neath
Pocket Task Force Fantasy Mini The Apocalypse but like ... Right Now Game Anime Pilot
Guards! Chart Star Pedagogy
Chiaroscuro The Old Stories are Coming True, Now Bronze Temple: The Game of Pyrrhic Attrition
Sotry's End Yu-Gi-Oh Season One: The RPG Reconstruction
We will Knot Go Quietly The U.S.S. RPD D6 Rules Light Munchkin
The Author Pressure Building (Be)Witch
The Din of Elfland's Laughter Great Wall Draw me a kingdom
Fishin' & F&@%in' Snooze Button Harvest Festival
Self Sacrifice PLAGUE Cryomancer
No yelling in IKEA Tales of the Forgotten Chain of Command
Lycan Subscribe: Werewolf Vloggers Preternatural Nominal
SwordMasters! RDADAPDADAG Measurable Acts of Kinesthesia
A Kinder's Hide and Seek Worlds Collide Recall
Time Council With a Smile on Their Face One Last Night Together
Heist The Revolution Will Take Us All BUG
Several Miles From Heaven The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Flight 23
Abjection! Tall Tales Asylum
The Scoop Banquo at the Feast Ill Suited: A Game of Two-Sided Relationships
Summer Camp Garbage Sons RPG The Insight Framework
Fairies Boyz II Men in Black Con-Traction
Clash of the Villans Why Can't My Hippo Fly Too? Guest of Honour
Witch Scouts Lite Of Monsters, Fairytales, Morbidness and Loss Does anyone remember Bob?
Minutes to Midnight Artificial Hope Ramble
Be Your Best Keanu The President Has Been Kidnapped by Ninjas Spiral Travellers
After Man Alibi Split-Level Home
Existential Crisis Reykjavik Essex Boys
The Witch's Familiars Locus Amoenus Stitched
Hush A Bye Love and Duty Deck Heroes
EMOJINN Duel of Wish Work Together or Die Alone
While Waiting Barbarians of the High Mountain Are you real?
The Rabbit's Scream Fates have Hearts: Galaxies of Love You Know This One
Hate Date! The Hero Initiatory Journey Magic Eight-Ball
Two People F*** in a Spaceport Shelter From The Storm (Bob Dylan's RPDream) PSYCHIC CHILDREN ON THE RUN FROM DANGER
Revolutionary Committee Reincarnation Station Fortuna Mythica [1-4 players, 20-60 min]
Puppy Posse Cocktail Barbarians Divas in Space
Die Zombies! Laplace's Demon Millennials Ruin Everything!
The Forest Memories of a Gray and Rainy Night Heart of the Character Cards
Demigod Dukes in the Dungeons of Doom Or Ash Tong Void Chaser
A Level-Headed Conversation Write and draw a story with your friend Hunter/Hunted
Apothecary Up the Drunx Hearts' Strife
This is How We Died Golden Years You Will Destroy Something Beautiful
Dungeons and Dodecahedrons - A Rules-Lite RPG A Tiny Person Skeletal Dragon Organizes Their Ruin
LOOPS Books RPG A Hundred Years Adoring You
The Noose Lost Letters L'appel du vide
Curse You, Dingus McRee! Together Stakeout
PROMQUEST Same Bat Time, Same Bat Mitzvah Unnamed murder mystery game
Meet Joe Turing Perseus V FIREWATER
The Connection: A space travel The Last Child Wrestler Troubadour Fisherman
Season Selection Maquillage Crumbling
Goodnight Kyle. Your Day, again Good Dogs || for 5 with PnP + playing cards
The Rap RPG for You and Me Housemates Made Up
By Pinfall Or Submission The Widening Gyre Children | Caretakers
Masters Of The Skies FADED Jordan, A Lifetime in 1 Hour
Curb Your Better Off Always Sunny Development Dinner at Dusk No Devil-child May Rule Us
Chalk Outlines Zap! Atomic Ray Gun! The Door
I Just Wanted To Say The Rite Magnum Opal
On the Eve of a Wedding The Retrospective at the End of the Universe Belter Riots
A Perilous Journey... with raptors Fables and Folktales A Mingling of Awareness
Sitcom Shenanigans Circus Clown Bank Robbery Sandcastle in a Dream
I do speak human Nine Holes in Hell: A Damned Mini-golf RPG RED TREACHERY
FOREST MOTHER: Motherhood in a dangerous wood Turbo System: An RPG for everything Fractured Fiction
Way Far Gentlemen Thieves One Color Short of a Full Box
Deal With The Devil Even More Aliens, Ever Less of Us... SUGAR-RUSH MAKE-BELIEVE
Blossoms Whisper, Blades Sing, for 4-8 bushi Three pennies to spend the afternoon We're queer & in a field
Rules as God Heroes of the Dim Shâkropur
After the sun died Cardslayer Retail
Benjamin Franklin's Self Help Process MinMaxer Hell-Ride Equipped
DoUndo Me & Alfred Roanoke: The 2-Player RPG Lexiconjurers
Rolls of Madness Goo-goo Ga-ga Champion Battlegrounds
Air Traffic Control Room Monkey News Ltd Card Guided Role Playing Game
Parliament TRAMP We Were Alone, and Noone Was Coming for Us
7sins Moray Innovative Resolution Mechanics
Fuck! It's Dracula Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde MINIONS!
The Greatest Epic Poem No Woman's Land Found Footage Hangout
I Am The Demon That Thou Hast Summoned The New Gods of Babel Reluctant companions
The Blind Leading Enslaved Star Barbarians in the Mall
The Connection: A space Travel LARPodcast: A LARP About Podcasts Super Clash Mini
Winner of the 200 Word RPG Contest Haiku Rebels Society A Haunted House
Signs and Symbols Power Dynamics Reverists
Dreamsongs Behind Closed Eyes Letters to the Home Front Alternate Timeline Life
Seekers of the Light Merlin's Marvellous Mages. Oneirica - Dream or Die
The GM's Challenge rpg. Revolution! Operation Dinner Out
Growing Up Full Circle Huddled. A 200 word RPG.
Middlesax Rise From Ash Worth
The Caper RPG The 1000 Mononoke of Kimon Intervigilum
Don't Tust HUMAN Family Reunion AmnesiaX
Can you hear me? Simple Farmer Geoff's Seed Exchange And They'll Hear You When It's Done
Some Adjudication May Be Required Rituals CAUSAL FRIDAYS
A Story That Suits You Publish or Perish The Way You Make Me Feel
Volition Wallet OSR On the Go - Players Roll Under Spinning Down
Puppies SPRING BREAK! Big Party City Notice me Senpai
Upright - a Paleolithic RPG Beat the Heat: a Hot Sauce RPG An Unsuspicious Night Out
TERROR AT THE TABLE! Villain's Narcissism Peril
Being Ogrim Stormbane Hotel Apocalyptica Tower of death
It's Personal The Oreo One-Shot TIGER-POET
One stinky room with a wobbly table. Little Katy's Tea Party You Have 200 Words
New Friends, New Music - A 2 Player RPG Minutes to Midnight In The Cards
I Can Haz Food? Pantheon: A Game of Gods Super Quirks
Steel and Potion The Afterlife stole Closure We Matter
Mini Story A night in the life The Post It Bearer
Lost Souls Gli avventurieri dai capelli d'oro Vengtenk, Dertective
Marketing Simulator 2018 R&J : D / : ( A Regretful Duel
Egregious Extraterrestrial Ethnographers Sensitive Emotional Breakthrough Spin Team
The Word for the World is... This is Rome Mix-tape
Occupational Safety and Health Adventures Cyberpunk 200d6 The Cooking Show RPG Challenge
Vague, Furtive, Disguised Scorpions - Crossing Rivers More Than Human
The Stolen Tea Ceremony Pirate ship in Hell Writing History
Trickster's Game We will be together till the end Epics To Ashes
Night of Decisions What you can hold Unofficial Superheroes
Intents Fumble in the Dark Just Three Minutes
Heist! Tokyo Drift Racers Chirographicon
Time Fragments Stitch n' Bitch Wrong
Surrender: A Game About Giving Up Arcanos Stress System Colony
Nomads Amnesiac Deathtrap: A Game of Identity Upstream
Jail, Jailbreak. Get Down, Mr President Hypoxia
Love & Darkness To Pay the Ferryman The Brawn Solution
The unBEElievable rpg Stratus Res Word/Cross
The Heights of Doom The Colony Ship RPG The Caper
Black Iron Brigade The Study Dreamworld: Penny For Your Thoughts
//BINARY MUTATIONS Bangsian Hell, Clipped Syntax, and Ecphonemes Judgement
Committed! Homestead The Basilisk's Lament
Zombies in Hell Vs. the World And... Action!
Gathering For The Oracle Spin, Measure, Cut The Xell Tablet
De Bello Graffito Cursed Chronicle Each Player Brings Something
Michelin Star Panic DDDD - Dirty, dark, dangerous and deadly Messed Up Mechs
The Synaesthetic Kitchen The Old Timers Are Liars Time Noir
Hunting the Darkness Sidewalkia! Mystery by Association
Kids These Days Burning Boardrooms Time-Phases
Politicalia You're Wasting Time Judgery: A Nomic Adventure
Fade In Commuter Skills The Wurst Case Scenario
The search for the Grail A Pirate's Lie for ME A Time for Change
Corny Action Heroes! The Journey Return
Moonlighting Consequence, the Tyrant The Builder
Demonic Cupcake Failures It's Always Been a Dive . . . Comes Great Responsibility
Captivity of Consciousness Outbackia FONT
Mooncalves in a Minefield I've Been Seen With Farrah The Kraken's Tentacles
Changeling History Unit: Mending Specialists ZENTURURAK I_remember
Aces over the Adriatic ApPeer Hold My Hand & Tell Me It's Okay
KALO MASH MUST DIE Dream Heist Exclusive: Gold Leaf and Broadsheets
The Wake #WinterIntoSpring Aardvark Clergy Of Tank River City 4 ½
An Uneasy Council Cuteness Battle! Bugbears