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Delacannon •

2 Players

>LOG: The experiment was a disaster... The whole crew is dead...

A player represents a Survivor and the other player interprets rampant Artificial Intelligence (AI) trying to kill the Survivor.

The AI player writes a number from 1 to 999 and hides it from the Survivor. The Survivor takes the first turn. 

The Survivor has a total of 10 tokens to find out the code and destroy the AI. The Survivor can spend 1 token and ask one of the questions below.

> Is the code lower than N? 
> Is the code greater than N?
> Is the code equal to N?

AI response must be affirmative or negative: One or Zero.

If the response is One the Survivor gains 1 Action Point (AP).
If the response is Zero the AI gains 2 AP.

The AI can spend AP to generate Obstacles of the same level as the AP spent. The Survivor can spend AP same way to generate Actions to overcome Obstacles. Each player narrates their Obstacles and Actions.

During the AI's turn it can use Obstacles to reduce as many of the Survivor's tokens as the Obstacle level minus the level of the Action used by the Survivor.

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