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Design a role-playing game using 200 words or less.

This small tabletop game design challenge encourages everyone to make a complete role-playing game. It’s hard to work on a game, and much harder to finish one. This is an opportunity for participants to brainstorm, write, edit, playtest, and polish a game idea from start to finish.

2019 Timeline

2019 Judge Suggestions

We are actively searching for a panel of Judges who will help pick this year’s winners. Let us know who you’d like to see on this year’s panel!

Reader applications coming soon (June/July).

Why 200 Words?

A 200 word limit encourages creativity and demands the very best of your editing and writing abilities. While making a game in 200 words can be difficult, it’s less of a daunting commitment than editing and proofing 285 pages of rules, complete with art and layout.

Conceiving, designing, and publishing a 200 word game is a great first step toward completing larger game design projects.


Visual presentation can be a large and scary problem. Very few people are masters of writing, editing, art direction, graphic design, layout, and marketing. It usually takes a village to make a game. We want participants to focus solely on the challenge of creative writing and brutal editing.

Licensing and Ownership

Each entry will be publicly posted on this page. We reserve the right to reject entries that we consider to be inappropriate or offensive. All entries will be submitted under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License. More info here.

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