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2017 Prizes

The three winning entries will receive free graphic design, artwork, and layout funded by The Gauntlet and their incredible patrons! The Gauntlet will help arrange and pay for your game's layout, but you will keep all the rights to it. The original 200 word plaintext entry will stay on the site so future readers can enjoy it, but the art-filled version is all yours!
The three winning entries will be featured on an episode of System Master and The Gauntlet Podcast.
The three winning entries will be featured in Codex, an monthly RPG fanzine.
The three winners will receive copy of Dungeonographer Pro.
The three winners will receive physical copies of Monsterhearts 2 and The Black Hack.
The three winners also recieve PDF copies of Society of Dreamers and The Indie Hack
ALL finalists will receive a digital copy of The Black Hack

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2016 Prizes

These incredible prizes were offered during the 2016 Challenge.

Epidiah Ravachol is going to read through all of the entries and pick some that would be a good fit for his E-zine. His choices will be completely independent from the judges. If he chooses your entry, he’ll contact you with his offer, and provide more information.


2015 Prizes

6 Randomly Chosen Entrants will receive:

The Top 3 Finalists will receive:

The Top 2 Finalists will receiveA

The Winner will receive: