Winners & Finalists
Downloads & Prints

2019 Prizes

The 3 Winners will receive:

Fancy layout by Brian Ericson.
He will be streaming his work on, and the winners can offer feedback and guidance throughout the process. Or just watch their entries come to life! The final layout will be made freely available on the Downloads page.
6 Months of Grandmaster Membership on World Anvil. ($72 value) A print copy of Girl Undergound.
  A Potion of Dice made by a generous redditor!
Five Torches Deep (PDF) Print copy of the Mottokrosh Bundle Print copy of Omnimyth
Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy (PDF) Imbelnhi’s Bestiary (PDF) The Beyonder (PDF)
Alice Black: Blood Tribute (PDF) Capers RPG (PDF) Making History (PDF)
It Is Forbidden (PDF)    

AND 2.5 hours of Professional Game Development Consultation:

The 50 Finalists will receive:

The Dungeon Dozen (PDF) Clink (PDF) Die Laughing (PDF)
The Tin Star (PDF) Archive (PDF) 4 MicroRPGs by Andrew Young (PDF)
  Murder Most Foul (PDF)  

ALL Participants will receive:

Azurth Adventures #1 (PDF)

Our Hardworking Readers will receive:

Afraid of the Dark (PDF) Archive (PDF) 3 Months Patreon Access
4 MicroRPGs by Andrew Young (PDF)    

2018 Prizes

3 Winners:

Winning entries will receive professional layout by Jay Iles of UFO Press.
Winners will have their entries featured on the Unwinnable website And one winning entry will be featured in a special episode of the One Shot Podcast.

Winners will receive PDF copies of these fine products:

The 50 Finalists will receive:

All 27 Issues of Unwinnable Monthly.

And PDF copies of the below items:

2017 Prizes

The three winning entries received free graphic design, artwork, and layout funded by The Gauntlet and their incredible patrons! You can find them in the Neon issue.
The three winning entries were featured on an episode of System Mastery And were also featured on The Gauntlet Podcast.

The 3 Winners received copies of:

All Finalists received a copy of:

2016 Prizes

These incredible prizes were offered during the 2016 Challenge.

Epidiah Ravachol is going to read through all of the entries and pick some that would be a good fit for his E-zine. His choices will be completely independent from the judges. If he chooses your entry, he’ll contact you with his offer, and provide more information.


2015 Prizes

6 Randomly Chosen Entrants will receive:

A PDF copy of the
ENTIRE Lumpley Games Library by Vincent Baker.

The Top 3 Finalists will receive:

A PDF copy of the
ENTIRE Lumpley Games Library by Vincent Baker.

The Top 2 Finalists will receive:

The Winner will receive:

Free enrollment in the Faster Combat