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This entire website and all of the entries hosted on it can be downloaded here. (the little green button in the top right)

All of the entries can be found in the posts folder, each one as a markdown file.

In fact, this whole website is protected under the Creative Commons License; so anyone can copy this format for future challenges or personal sites. Shoot me an email if you need more info: davidschirduan-at-gmail.

PDF Collections

These PDFs include ALL of the entries from that year’s challenge. Enjoy!

2015 PDF

2016 PDF

2017 PDF

designed by Matt Widmann designed by Rickard Elimää designed by Thomas Novosel

Beautifully laid out by Thomas Novosel, each 300+ page softcover copy costs $11 (not including shipping). $11 is basically the bare-minimum printing cost with Thomas making about $2 on each one sold (which is WAY less than he deserves). A lot of hard work went into making these slick and affordable. Check out the 2017 PDF to get an idea of how the books will look. We hope you enjoy them!

2017 Volume 1

2017 Volume 2

Entries "52" through "Jury Duty" Entries "Just One Wish Away" through "Zone Side Picnic"