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Chosen by the Judges, these entries were particularly creative and engaging! There are no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd places, only top three winners in no particular order.

2018 :  COMING SOON!

2017 : MECHANICAL ORYX • Memories • Route Clearance

2016 RPGs: Deconstruction • Stardust • Time Travel Thaw

2016 Supplements: The College Animalia • First Steps • Foam Dart RPG

2015: All Fall Down • Escape Pod One • LOVEINT

2018 Finalists

Out of nearly 800 entries, these were chosen by a dedicated group of Readers to be among the best of 2018.

#WinterIntoSpring **Hard Reset** A Final Reading
A Glimmering of Recognition A Hundred Years Adoring You A Level-Headed Conversation
A Regretful Duel Be Your Best Keanu Blossoms Whisper, Blades Sing, for 4-8 bushi
Born of Brier and Blood: A Game for Four Boyz II Men in Black But for the Grace of God
CLIMB the SPIRE! Can you hear me? Chance Goodbyes
Childish Things Children | Caretakers Dear Elizabeth...
Dungeon Roommates ENVOY FADED
Filling the Void Fuck! It's Dracula Gods of Darkness, Gods of Light
HOA: The RPG Half-Blood Hell-Ride Equipped
Hold My Hand & Tell Me It's Okay Hush A Bye It's Always Been a Dive
Janus: a game for three players Knights and their Lances Knights of the House of Mars
Letters to the Home Front Lost Letters Maquillage
Mongols and Manticores Nine Holes in Hell: A Damned Mini-golf RPG No Devil-child May Rule Us
No Woman's Land Occupational Safety and Health Adventures Ogre in the Court!
On the Eve of a Wedding One Last Night Together PSYCHIC CHILDREN ON THE RUN FROM DANGER
Perseus V Please Silence Your Cell Phones Pressure Building
Roar of the Crowd Rum Runners Same Bat Time, Same Bat Mitzvah
Self Sacrifice Sidewalkia! Signs and Symbols
Singularity Stratus Res Succession
TERROR AT THE TABLE! The Giving Mech The Gulf Between Them
The New Gods of Babel The Noose The Revolution Will Take Us All
This Weight We Share Up the Drunx What We Don't Know
What's my Motivation? Word/Cross You Got This! Ghostfighter Friends
You Have 200 Words

2017 Finalists

Out of nearly 700 entries, these were chosen by a panel of judges to be among the best of 2017:

29 Days to Spring All For One, the flipped RPG Eternal
Ex Libro Fatimah's Busy Day Feast
Five Cards Happily Ever Maybe Kataware Doki
Laughter or a Lit Flame: A Hack of Renga Masters of the universe Memoriam Ignis
Might Makes Right: Muscle Marines in Space Nightblind No Coincidence
No Mistakes, Only Deeper Plans One-Night Stand Poet Glorious
So You're Becoming A Dragon: Sonder Squamous
Stop Reading to Lose TROLLS The Chronicles of...
The Human World The Last Day Trash Pandas

2016 Finalists

Out of over 300 entries, these were chosen by a panel of judges to be among the best of 2016:

A BROAD ENTERED MY OFFICE A GM's Guide to Session Prep and Play Achievements - An expansion for all games
Adventures in a Wild World Babble Bangarang Bonhomie vs. CrimeCo International!
Die, Nirûth, Die! Dragon/Dragonslayer Drink Tea. Forget.
Entrenched Estate Everyone is GM
Final Sanctuary Flame War Ghæstlean, the Gate Isle
Nos Morituri: We who are about to die Omelette Quest Out Of The Crucible, A Fire
Paranormal Rescue Squad Rad Hacker Vampires Recovery
Rule 1-2-3 RPG mechanic system Soluble Sahuagin Stop Hiding Your Crush
Super Simple Magic for Fate Core Survival of the Femmest The Lost Cellar of Baron Niln
The host Thematic Procedural Tables Vampire Dark
Walk among the Dead `You're nothing but a pack of cards!'

2015 Finalists

Out of nearly 250 entries, these were chosen by a panel of judges to be among the best of 2015:

Budget Copy Defective Robot Philosophers
Do-Over Edumication Force-Blade Punk
Freedom of Destiny History Lesson Junk
Kintsugi Money Talks No Sleep Tonight
Pre-Character Generation Detail Republic Serial Ring
Road Running Schizophrenia Sherlock Holmes is an Asshole
Tabula Rasa The Argument was Loud The Artifact of Ashana
The Door The Duel The Election
The Locust People The Silent Dungeon The Treaty
Two Words Vikings Having Feelings What Happened at the Prom