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Bangarang Bonhomie vs. CrimeCo International! • 2016 rpg finalist

Eric Farmer •

Things: 3-4 players, notecards, hands

Hypercompetent: Each player writes 4 radical Occupations (e.g., samurai, neurosurgeon, astronaut.) Shuffle [Occupation] cards. 

Nonsense: Each player writes 2 silly Crimes (e.g., steal Dollywood, delete the alphabet). Shuffle [Crime] cards. 

Intro: “You are all [Occupation], sworn to battle CrimeCo International. Bangarang’s been captured! Time to get to work.”

Montage: Each player draws 2 [Occupation] and adds those to their character. Introduce the team in a cool montage sequence: show off their skills and give them names!

Turn Order: Pick a player to Lead. They narrate the scene and the opposition. The Leader draws a [Crime] - that’s CrimeCo’s goal. The other players narrate their characters Crime-fighting actions!

Resolution: When the scene reaches a climax, the Lead player and the player to their right battle best-of-3 Rock, Paper, Scissors. Narrate each success, failure and stalemate. Should stalemates “win”, the player to the Leader’s left Interferes; drawing an [Occupation] and [Crime] and describing the new Interference. End the Scene; play order rotates. 

1. Accidental Encounter with CrimeCo!
2. CrimeCo Does Crime to Prepare for Crime!
3. Final Crime..?

Showdown!: Rescue Bangarang and Montage your victory!

Sequel: Title Bangarang’s next adventure. Reuse your best cards!

Author Comments (if any)

Welcome to my love letter to the bizarre cult movie, “Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, in which the hero is a country star/neurosurgeon/samurai/experimental vehicle pilot. I may be forgetting one or two. The mechanics were inspired by Wheel Tree Press’ Time Cellist and Grant Howitt’s Doctor Magnethands. I hope you enjoy this game of hyper-competent nonsense.

Judge Comments

Bangarang comes at you fast – you can feel the urgency and excitement in rules! The game has a really clear procedure, leading you through the three scenes and straight to the Showdown without putting any speed bumps in your way! I love the silly, over-the-top premise and scenes are just perfect the genre. - Marshall Miller

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