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All entries submitted to this challenge are protected under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License


The 200 Word Challenge exists to promote encouragement and collaberation. It is NOT a place to find the “best” games in the world. When you submit to the challenge you do so with the understanding that others may re-use your work however they choose, even for monetary gain. Don’t submit anything you wouldn’t want others to use or build upon.

We also enforce CC so that we can freely host entries on the website and tweak them for the Patreon.

However, there are some huge benefits to submitting your entry under Creative Commons:

Not only does this ensure you get credit, but it also lets anyone know who purchases the work that you formed the basis of it. Name power and word of mouth go a long way in this industry.

For example, Dungeon World was written by Adam and Sage, but it was jumpstarted by another project from Tony which was in turn heavily inspired by Vincent’s game. Adam and Sage gave Vincent and Tony credit for their inspirations, but they are not required to share any money or fees for Dungeon World. However the success of Dungeon World helped spread news of Vincent’s and Tony’s other games far and wide.

With collaboration success for one creator helps out other associated creators.

200 Word RPGs are ideas, not products

The chance that your 200 Word Entry is worth thousands of dollars is quite slim. But the chance that someone will see your idea and want to work with or hire you is greatly increased under Creative Commons. Especially for something as small as a 200 Word Entry, the CC License is a great way to get your name out there and meet like-minded designers.

You can build upon cool ideas

Creators can reach out to one another and build something new, even if they didn’t win. Always contact the original creator to get their permission before you use their work. It keeps things clean and opens up the possibility of collaberation.

No Pressure

If you have a darling idea that will pay the rent and feed your family, do not submit it to this challenge! Turn that into a kickstarter and make some money! I wish you all the luck.

But if you are looking to throw a new idea out into the world and see what happens, the 200 Word RPG Challenge is a great place to start.