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The 2016 challenge featured two categories: Supplements and RPGs. There were some incredible submissions in both categories, all of which are listed below.

2016 Supplements

20 Trail Signs for Tracking 200 square dungeons A GM's Guide to Session Prep and Play
A Thriller Story... Achievements - An expansion for all games Ad-Lib Session Balancer/Tension Builder
Adventures in a Wild World All Fall Down Campfire Questions Alliance(?) Generator
An Attentive Teacher Bardacadabra Bringing Cyberpunk to Fate Core
Build a World from Conjecture and Nonsense CATS Children of Two Mothers
Coin flip to dice roll conversion Crossroad Fables Deicide
Dice-Off Entrenched Everyone is GM
First Steps - Adventuring Workshop Foam Dart RPG Freaky Friday
Ghæstlean, the Gate Isle Grey Yonder Hellstern
IFAD In a Compaignye of Sondry Folk Instant Adventures Generator - pocket edition
Instant Relation Creator Legacy/Legacy: Conquest, world building game Love Conquers
Micro-History Builder NPC Bad Tendencies Narrative-Focused Character Creation
Otherkind Mass Combat Ouroboros Political Friction Generator
Pregen Characters for Interns and Invaders Puzzle for an Investigation Game Quick NPC Generator
Rainbow World Remember the Apocalypse Rule 1-2-3 RPG mechanic system
Ryuutama Town Generation Tables SEGUE Saga of Eternal Winter
Sail the Underworld Seltas Khyber, NPC and short adventure hook Soluble Sahuagin
Space Station Inhabitants Spice Up a Flagging Campaign Story motivations
Super Simple Magic for Fate Core Technique for collaborative setting creation The Ashen Plains
The College Animalia The Consumable Compendium The Cost of Magic - Inspiration for GMs
The Lost Cellar of Baron Niln The Philosoraptor Advisors: NPCs for FAE The Pun-Issuer, a system agnostic adventure
The Tesseract The host Thematic Procedural Tables
Three Strikes: Really conclude in one session Trophy Hunters Tyranny of Law
Vampire Dark Weather Supplement (A Storytelling Principle) Why are Slimes only found in caves?
Witchqueen torment `You're nothing but a pack of cards!'

2016 RPGs

#Endpocalypse (Not) Guilty (in)Vulnerable
-Humanity- 10 minutes Eating Contest 200 Hero's Journeys
2200 - Space Exploration A BROAD ENTERED MY OFFICE A Hallway, Dark
A House Near Mother A is for Apocalypse A.G.A.T.A.
ALLEGORY – THE DERIVATIVE RPG Aces High Adeline the sow
Alone in the Dark Alycia has a nightmare Antumbra Crepuscul?
Apple of Discord As Jochebed Did Ashes in the Rain
Aueo Awakening Away Team
Babble Babel Bacon Run
Bangarang Bonhomie vs. CrimeCo International! Become the Media Black Gate
Blinded Bloodhound - A detective RPG Bluebeard's Bride's Daughter's Psychiatrist
BombSquad: Countdown to Destruction Braggarts Brain in a Vat
COLONYPUNK: a resistance & assimilation game CON-quest Caffeine and Malpractice
Candidate Chaos Boundary - pocket edition Chaos Theory
Check Your Privilege Cheese Dudes: Basic Edition Clandestine: Prologue
Cloak and Dagger Cointoss Con Game
Corporate Wars Death, at last Deconstruction
Demon Hamster Necromancers of the Abyss Die, Nirûth, Die! Divinity Dice
Doomsayer Dr Sisyphus and his Super-villain friends Dragon/Dragonslayer
Drama & Dice Lite Drink Tea. Forget. Drunk History
Dum Mors nos separet, amemus! EERIE ODYSSEY Edgeways
Elevator Pitch Eloquent Investigation Emperor’s Revelry
Epic Poem Ere Break of Day Estate
Everybody’s a Shapeshifting clutter Excellent Adventures Existential Wizards
F.A.S.T (Fast, Action-packed, Short, To-do) FaSt: Fate's a Bitch Edition Facing Away - a freeform storytelling game
Family Matters Fantasy Heartbreaker Fencing Duel
Final Sanctuary Flame War For City Coin
For the Colony Freaks Fucked
Fusion Corp GOET’I’MON: Collectable Goetic Demon Fight Ghostwriter
Go Go Wizard Rumble Go gently Grimdarq: A rules-lite dungeon-crawling RPG
Help!,I'm a princess! Hero Cop II: Death Sentence Hero or Human?
Hi House of Haunts Hunter's Wild
Hunters I Invented Time Travel I'm fine
Immovable, Unstoppable In Transit Interns and Invaders
Intersection Is the Space Pope a Lizard? It creeps
Jackie Chan Adventures Job interview Judge Horrific Tone
JukeBoxers Just A Moment Last Night at the Safeword
Last Stand Liber Monstri Liberators
Lies & Secrets Lifeboat Lunch Rush
Madlibs Adventures Magical Scholastic Transportation Mansions and Apartments - The Fixer-upper RPG
Mark Well Her Station Marked For Godhood Meetings
MegaCorp Minimalist Urban Rentpunk Miss the Start, Miss the End
Money Talks Mudsling Multiverse
Mutiny! Necropolis Night Shift
Nos Morituri: We who are about to die Not Long For This World Novelty
Nyx Of Artifact and Fiction Of Blood and Shadows
Omelette Quest One In Six Only Together
Oubliettes and Hellions Out Of The Crucible, A Fire Paladin and Heathen
Paranormal Rescue Squad Peregrination Perilous Time
Perjury Pie Chart RPG Point and Click
Powerplay in Love Principia Magicka PuppyRPG
Quick/Precise/Powerful Quite the Strech Rad Hacker Vampires
Recollection Recovery Recursive Roleplay
Red Queens Court Red Shirts, Blue Collars Relics of Merimna
Ricochet Rock Gods: Go Big, or Die Hard Royal College of Neraidology
SEE NO, HEAR NO, EAT Save the Date Scions
Scylla and Charybdis Secret Liars - Murder Mistery RPG Seven Days to Die
Shared Nightmare Simplest RPG Soap Bubble
Something Wrong Soulstrings Space Machine
Space pirates, All aboard! Stardust Stop Hiding Your Crush
Super Planet Force Survival of the Femmest Survivors
Sword in the Stone THE HENCHMEN: The Daring Band That Follows THE HOUSE IS TRYING TO KILL US!
TRAITS Super-Lite v0.3 TV Action Heroes! Tardigrades
Team Me Testimony That Fateful Day
The Assassin’s Guild Annual Awards Banquet The Augurs The Blame Game
The Caravan The Chamber The City
The Complete History of the World The Davidsons Are New in Town The Duke's Laws
The Emperor’s death by the hands of his wives The Gauntlet The Gods Abide
The Immortal Game The Interview - Will You Break? The Last Broadcast
The Less The More! The Libbosser Encounter Tableau - By Many The Norsehunt of 973 AD
The Old Growth The Pilgrimage - A Game about Seeking The Questioning
The Ramparts Crumble The Tale The Talking Pillow
The Threshold The Torments The Trial
The Tribe The Vampire's Kiss The Voyage of the Pursuivant Challenger
The Winter Cold The Word-Eater The safe, safe room below
The viridian Covenant by the Quiet Hill They Row Downriver Tho' Much is Taken, Much Abides
Three Dead Heroes Walk into a Bar... Time Travel Thaw Tower Fall
Township Towpath True Minds
True Names Two Adventurers on a Quest Viking Age: Ragnarok
Villager Visionaries Anonymous W/R/T Eve
Walk among the Dead War Council: a Dinner Larp Watertown
We Are Cadavre Exquis Welcome to Mount Akumu What Have I Wrought
What happened to Santa? Where thunder falls for the last time WikiRamble
Wizards and Alchemists Wizards of the Last Age Wrecked
You Awaken an Ancient Dragon...