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Survivors • 2016 rpg

Marco Zanchi • no link


The world has ended. Characters are amongst last few remaining survivors.

The 4 players receive one random card from each suit. Keep them secret.

Random player gets Joker, becoming narrator, creating trials.
Players now trade cards freely, maintaining one of each attribute. No character can have more than 2 of J, Q or K. Reveal attributes once trade completed.
Players get 7 more random cards as their hand. Keep them secret.

Trials are narrated, then two cards are drawn from deck, face down. Affected player decides attribute to use, justified by narration, plus one card from hand.
Any player, dead or alive, can contribute one card from their hand, to either side.
Narrator can sacrifice one attribute to increase difficulty to 3 cards.
Sum of trial cards >= sum of character cards, character loses.

All decisions are irreversible. Death takes no prisoners.

Character succeeding trial becomes narrator. All cards used are shuffled into the deck.
On losing, attribute used is flipped over. All other cards used are removed from the game.

When players runs out of attributes, they die.

When the deck runs out, everyone dies.

Survivor wins the game.

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