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The Norsehunt of 973 AD • 2016 rpg

Jan Crowen Rosa • no link

You are shipwrecked Norsemen on a Northumbrian beach, days after sacking the Lindisfarne monastery. You need to survive until you reach safety.

Game setup:
Say what Safety means.

2d6 mounted warriors are hunting you. You have 1d6 Lead tokens and 2d6 Scene tokens.

Each Norseman starts with 1d6 Stamina tokens. Search your pockets for coins.


Beginning of scene: 
Say Who is doing What, Where.

You get 1d6 for each discarded Stamina to overcome an Obstacle. Obstacles are normal (1d6), difficult (2d6), hard (3d6).

Discard a cent coin to name one Equipment or Euro coin for Weapon. Each Weapon or Equipment gives you free 1d6, max 2d6. 

Roll, add, higher number wins. 

If you lose, discard one Stamina. Discard Weapon or Equipment instead of Stamina.

Discard a cents coin to recover 1 Stamina, 6 is maximum. 1 rest scene recovers 3 Stamina - discard one Lead token.

End of scene: 
Discard Scene token. Discard one Lead token if Norsemen are not mounted. Players (and their horses) each discard one Stamina die. 

No Stamina = Valhalla. No Lead = big fight. No Scenes = you’ve reached Safety.

Encounters: Peasant 1S, Hunter 2S1W, Warrior 3S2W, Warlord 6S3W. Wolf 1S1W, Horse 3S, Bear 8S2W. Group adds +4S.

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