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2015 Entries

The 2015 Challenge was the first year! We allowed pictures and fancy layouts, so all of these entries are images, not text, which makes them stand out from future entries.

#Astroturf 16 Types of People  1d12 Nemesis
20XX A Better Person A Horror Game
Aces Wild Action Team Fight Afternoon Sci-Fi Movie Hour
Agents of Change All Fall Down Always Chaotic Evil
Amateurs At Work Angel Food Angry Ghosts
Annalers of the Skein Anomalistic Extrasensory Techniques for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Awaken
Axolotl Axiology Backyard Adventures Baited
Bandits! Bandits!They Arrive! Beastmaster Beaufort
Before the Convention Big Foot Birth of Dragons
Bladeslinger Bluebeard’s Bride’s Daughter’s Psychiatric Evaluation Bring the Awesome
Budget Bully By Word and Deed
Calvin's Dungeon Can’t Hack it on Your Own Capes and Crooks
Carnivàle Orpheo Children of the Witch Children's Crusade
Chopping Block Chuck Norris vs Cancer Circles and Changes
Coarse Light System Collaboration Comfort
Copy Corporate Memo  Cut and Paste 
Darkest Days Darkish Defective Robot Philosophers
Deltasix Detained Dial
Dial-A-Cape! Dice Heist Dimeight
Do-Over Doomed Lover Drag Queens in Space
Dream Logic Drunkards and Flagon Dungeon Crawl
Dungeon-lite Edumication Epitaph
Escape Pod One Escaping the Collective Exchequer
Executioner Expendable Falconscry
Fire Elixir Flame Within Mist Force-Blade Punk
Forge Forlorn Hope Freedom of Destiny
Frozen Fudge Ladder Fudge Lite
Going Yellow Good Luck Have Fun Good Times in Granite Gulch
Happy Lives Hellroad 666 Herobreaker
Heroes’ Role History Lesson Hold On
Hunted Hyenas I need help
Imaginative Infinite Conquest JACK
JOHN CAGE’S 4’33”: THE RPG Japanese Office  Junk
KillByNumbers Kintsugi LOVEINT
LXXIX Hero Landing Party Last star burning
Let’s go Out Tonight Lonely Adventurer Lost and Found Central
Mage Dog School Make Believe Make the Call
Master & Minion Master of Decks Maya Dered Discotheque
Mayflower Memo From Corporate MicroBids
Money Talks Moon Mage Mouscapade
Murdered Mutant Vigilantes Mutant Wrasslin
Muun NanoRegent Nineties Hacking
No Better No Sleep Tonight Not Chaos Magic (Really!)
Nothing Ever Ends Noughts and Crosses Now What?
OSRish Outlaws Outrageous
Pantheon Paper Masters Partners
Paths to Glory Plagiarism! Planethoppers
Playing Deaf About Anna Pocket Change Poet Beats
Prayer for Peace Pre-Character Generation Detail Private Treasures
Privilege Provenance Psychophobia
Pub Crawling Punks and Poseurs Puzzle Lock
Quest in the Beast RPG of Three Rapid Resolution
Reasons and Powers Redacted Reliquary
Rephaim Republic Serial Resistance
Restaurant 666 Revenge of the RPG Geeks Ring
Road Running Roam and Run Robot Ranger
Roll Three Dice  Rubber Freedom Sailing the Seas of Tees
Saturday Morning Saviors of the Universe Schizophrenia
Second Chances Secrets to Fail Seepage
Shadowlight Myth of Truth Sherlock Holmes is an Asshole Shift
Six Heroes Slay You Imperfect Speakers Sorcerer
Soviet Spacewolves Star Hack Starlane
Stickup Boyz Sturm und Drang Suicide of an Archmage
Sweet Success Tabula Rasa Teenage Legend
Terra Incognita Test Seven The Argument was Loud
The Artifact of Ashana The Council of Advisors  The Dilemma
The Door The Duel The Election
The Encounter The End of an Epic The Journey
The Killing The Locust People The Passenger
The Raver and the Bear The Resurrectionists The Signal
The Silent Dungeon The Struggle The Thief
The Treaty They Hate Me! Three Traits
Time Cops gone wild Tiny Grimoires To Reign in Hell
Tools Troubled Together Turning 
Two Words UST: Unresolved Sexual Tension Unfinished
Very Satiated Chrysalides Vikings Having Feelings Virus 
Walk the Fire Road We Were Here What Happened at the Prom
When Heroes Fall Wicked Blades of the Blood Forest Witch Hunt
Word from on high World Builder Dice Killer World of Heroes
You Are A Toy You cross a doorway Zero State