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Fudge Lite • 2015 rpg

abcd_z • no link

Fudge Ladder

Superb (+3)
Great (+2)
Good (+1)
Fair (0)
Mediocre (-1)
Poor (-2)
Terrible (-3)

Character Creation:
Decide your character's attributes and skills and rank them on the Fudge Ladder. Any quality that doesn't fit on the fudge ladder is a Gift or a Fault.

All characters have 4 HP per level of Health, starting at Terrible (4 HP). 0 HP is unconscious.

Armor is rolled into Health. A character with platemail armor might have Superb Health but Mediocre Agility.

Skill checks:
Roll skill+4dF. If the result equals or exceeds the GM-decided difficulty rating or opposing character skill, the skill check succeeds. Untrained skills default to Mediocre, untrained attributes default to Fair.

Groups act in turn. Within their group's turn, characters can act in any order. Each attack is an opposed skill check between characters. All weapons and directly damaging spells do 1d6 damage.

Natural Healing:
Natural Healing occurs at GM-decided rates.

Magical Healing:
Magical Healing is a Gift that allows your character to heal 2d6 HP per day. Multiple levels of Magical Healing may be taken with the GM's permission.

Magic is treated like any other skill. No buffs or debuffs allowed.

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