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2017 Entries

The 2017 challenge was the largest yet, featuring nearly 700 entries! They are all listed below, along with author comments. Enjoy!

#Resist (Dis)Agreement 0. Get a tarot deck
1, 2, Zombie 200 Character RPG 200 Words of Real RPG
29 Days to Spring 3d13 via cards & introducing roll choice 5 ways to win without fighting (a supplement)
52 8525kHz A 5-day walkathon
A Day in the Life of a Mole Person A Fistful of Dust A Game To Play When You Feel Hopeless
A House Is Not a Home A Matter of Time A Nice Meal (For Once)
A Single Point Of Reference A Small World A last drink
A tale untold A walk down Memory Lane A walk in the park
A.C.E: A Deadly Game of Espionage ARG(h) an Augmented Reality Game (human) ARM-WRESTLING: THE RPG
Ablative Soldiers Ace of Spades Across the Table (2-Player)
Adfectomancer Advent Adventure Story
After the Rain Alien Zookeepers Go! All For One, the flipped RPG
All Things Grow All it takes…. Alliteration
Amnesia Llamas Among powerful wizards and sorceresses An American Workplace
An uncertain trial And We Are All Together And then there were none
Angry Goblin Widows Anonymous Correspondence Another multiverse story
Anti Heroes Anxiety Arcana
Arena of Popularity but no Death nor Magic As the Crow Flies Ashes of the Sun
Astrum Arcanis Asylum At the End of the World
BAD STUDENT Backpackers BadyRPG
Be Like Water Bearing Witness Before Bedtime
Birthday equilibrium Black Mass Blank state
Blaze of Glory Bloodfeud – Diplomacy with Vampire Bloody Hair: A Tale of Barbaric Combat
Boasters round the table BoneRPG Boom Boom Car Bots
Border Crossing Botany Bay Briefly speaking
Bring Forth the Hippocrene Build Your Own RPG Bullets
Bunk Beds By the Book CREATIO EX NIHILO
Caper Captain's Table Card Sharks
Cards of Magi Carfax Abbey Carry On
Cast-a-Quadrans Cat Wrangling Catalyst of Annihilation
Catch the Thief Cats Herding Humans Caution: Hot!
Celestial Bureaucrats Charon Chieftain
Children of the Con Chirognomy Chromed poets
Close Encounters Coin-cidence Coloring Outside the Lines of Reality
Come up with a catchy title after playtesting Coming Close To Home - A Workshop Competitive Reality Television
Complication Constitution Cops
Cosmic Trickster Courrier Crafty Monsters: An RPG of battling monsters
Crazy Conversation Crazy Greedy Hitler Puppet Crisis Ascending
Cross The Kitchen Cross the Floor Cryptozoo
Cyber Beetles DOGMA DOGQUEST 1000
DUELLO - A Game of Magic and Politics DUNGEON+DEALER Daffodils for William
Daily Heroes Dance Dark and Cold
Das Magikapital Date Mates Death Metal
Death by Chocolate Deathmatch Maze Defy. Subvert. Outwit.
Demon Dare Denominator Descending from the Shoulders of Giants
Detachment 626 Dice Mafia Diceless Deeds
Dispossessions Divine Circles: Kingdom in Decline Divine Disease
Divine intervention Do You Drink the Kool-Aid Dodgy Gods: A Game of Tricksters and Trouble
Don’t lose your marbles Doomsday Cult Doors
Doorway Double-O-Eleven: Casino Vocale Doused Flames of Magic; Matchsticks of Power
Down the rabbit hole Dragon Draughts & the Mug of Wonder Dragon Soul
Dragon Tag Dragons and Dragons Drama Crash!
Dream Eaters Dreamcard Dualistic Voices
Duel of Change Duet Dumb Brutes
Dungeon Black Dust Trails EPYC
Eight Facets of the City Encounters End of Days // Hidden Terrors
Endless Descent: a game of Secrets and Hope Enna's friend or foe? Escalation
Escape from the Drowning Tower Eternal Eternal Rivals
European Everyone's The Good Guy (Of Their Own Story) Evil Goatees
Ex Libro Exceptional Bodies for Exceptional Hosts Exodus - A game of discovery for 2-6 players
Factossimations a story rpg system Fair Verona Burns: A Tragedy in Three Acts Familiars RPG
Farewell, My Love Fated Feud Fated to Meet – The Journey of Two
Fatimah's Busy Day Fear the Conspiracy Feast
Fidget Madness Fill in the Blank RPG Final Enemy/A Poetry of Revenge/Samurai Haiku
Final Testament Fire of the Gods First Datepocalypse
Five Cards Flesh of the Gods Flesh, and Other Inconvenient Things
Flirt Party Flirt Party Aftermath Footprints
For The Birds Foresight Four Cups of Tea
Friction Engine - A Pocket-Sized RPG System Fusion Dance G.L.U.R.P.S.
GHOST//BODY: Road Warrior Repossessors Gambling on the River Styx Game Cartridge Monsters
Ghost Estate Ghosts & Flowers Giant Monster Mayhem
Girls from Gilmore, Boys from the Dwarf Gladiators Glass Half Full
Go Home, Young Superhero Go North Go On Without Me
Goblal Wars: No Dwarves Allowed! Goblins in a Trenchcoat Gods among mortals
Godzilla Is Attacking The City Good Morning Magicland Goodbye
Great Wallopers Greedy Devils Groove Crusaders
Group Troop Group troop Guilty Souls
Götterdämmerung HEIST! HIRELINGS
Hacksaw: The Phone Call of Death Happily Ever Maybe Hard Facts and Strong Possibilities (Summary)
Harder, Better, Faster Hasar Kahn - Tiger King Haunted House
He say you Blade Runner Headcannon Accepted! Healthcare
Heart Light Heisters Heliophage
Hello - The Game Helm Helsing's League
Hero Monsters Hero's Council Hidden Faces
Hidden War: PvP Base Building High Arcana Highlighter Maze Runners
Hire Your Boss History Building with 7 Wonders Duel Home Sweet Home
Homeward Going: A Rlly Wow Travel Hopeless Hopes and Traumas
Hoppers: Tales of the Hyperdimensional Police Hotfix Human Or Not, Here I Am
Human-Zombie Fulfillment Symposium Hyper Flying Death Bunnies from Mars I Am You As You Are Me
I Feel Fine IN THE PIT In Need
In the Cards Incandescent Wars Indivisible: An Empathic Game for Two
Intel Intergalactic Bake-Off! Into Balance
Intrigue in Hobbiton Inventory Quest! Investigator200
It is meant to be It's simple RPG Jack the Ripper
Janitors, Night Shift and It Jersey Gore: a game for 4 or 6 players Joy Wizards
Jumble Rumble Jump! Junkyard Pack: Far Out 70’s Urban Canines
Jury Duty Just Survive Just one wish away...
Justice Court TV K's Massive Combat rules Kaiju Glory: a narrative citystomp
Kataware Doki Kazooki Theatre Keep The Gnome Fires Burning
Kharon's Obol King's Dice Knock
LEGO GM-less Roleplaying Playset for All Ages LOADING READY RUN Labrynith
Lacrimae Rerum Ladies Night - a game of supernatural romance Last Cigarette
Laughter or a Lit Flame: A Hack of Renga Lawsuits & Litigators Legendary Heroes
Let Me Live Let's Eat Kevin! Liar
Liber Mortis Palace Lighthearted Friend Limbo, the otherworld
Lineage Little Magic Shop Living With Humans
Lock, stock, and two smoking coffins Long is the Way, and Hard Looking for new recruits!
Lorfea: tiny kingdom, BIG problems Love Language Love is Pain, Dearest
Lovecraft Lightest MECHANICAL ORYX Magic for Sanity
Magical Elemental Girls Excel! Magical Spaceship Adventures Magistrate Maggie
Manic pixie dream girl Many players, One Adventurer Marked
Mashup Maslovmania Masters of the universe
Maximum Efficiency McMurdo Station Interns Measured in Cups
Meddling Kids Medium Heavyweight Melody & Memories
Meltdown - Your Last Battle Mementos: A journey to the subconcious Memoriam Ignis
Memories Memory Palace: a character study in reverse Mercenaries from Anyworld
Meta Game: Universal RPG Supplement Mic Drop Micro Kittens
MicroCrunch Universal RPG Might Makes Right: Muscle Marines in Space MiskatonicU
Modern Olympus Momento Monikers & Masks: The Super Day-Saving RPG
Monster Slayer Academy Monster's baby walker Monstrositea
Moth Mother nature called Moving On
Murder is Simple Muscle/brains/gut Musical Mages
My Alibi My Imaginary Friend Myrathine
Nakama: A Card Game of Magical Girls Naming and Alchemy Nathan
Never Say Die Night clubbing Nightblind
No Coincidence No Mistakes, Only Deeper Plans No set.
No... your friends Normaleware Oathbreakers: Deviant Warlocks
Of Light Office Party Olympian Courts, Mortal Woes
On Cuddling Dragons: A Primer for Beginners On Divining Oneirography On the seventh day Gods had finished...
One Last Job One-Night Stand Only One Shall Win
Open Mic Dungeon Night Operation: Doomed Operation: Dragon Hunt
Opposystem Order of St. Aloysius Other Lives
Our Ancestor’s Secret Wars Our House will Survive. Our Last Summer
Our Precious Ghost Out of the Dark World PROTAGONIST
PUPPY DAY: A happy game wherein everyone wins Pack Mind RPG Paintball, the RPG
Pantheon: A Game for Narcissists Parasite Vector Party Wizards
Pasta Master Pasteur: The action RPG Pavlov's House
Performance Issues Petty Crimes Pirate Tails
Planetary Realtors Playing Cards RPG Pocky Lips
Poet Glorious Power Chord: A Musical RPG Praetorian
Prankster's Dillema Pressure - The Disaster Movie Simulator Prime Directive: a game of not screwing up
Purgatory Purgatory House Quarantine
Queen_killer R, the WorldDevourer and the infinite sadness RLS (Real-Life Superheroes)
RNJesus and the 12 Diceiples RPG - Random Parable Generator RPG Gumbo
Racer ReWritten Redeemer: World Changing Role Adoption
Reign over Hell Relentless Remember the Glory Days?
Repair Bots! Reteller Reuinited And It Feels...
Rewrite Rise - Hack - Fall River, Typhoon, Coursing River
Road Trip Road Trippin’ on a Playlist Roommates From Hell
Route Clearance Rubble Rule of 3 Digits
Rules lawyers Russian Roulette S.P.Q.R.
SUPERHERO RPG SYSTEM Salting the Earth; A Nano-Larp
Scry and Rescue Secret Hearts Secret Identity
Section Seven Segmentation Fault Sentence Dungeon
Septem Memorias Shadows Sharing Our Past
Shonen RPG Shopkins Party Show and Hell
Shuffles & Skeletons Signed Away Situations & Explanations
Six Days Remain Six Shot Snitch
So You're Becoming A Dragon: So You're Being Hunted So here is the Scenario
Sonder Sonder Songs for empty apartments
Sonnet 155: A Murder Most Foul Space Amoebas on Vacation Space Cowboys
Space Debris - A Chore-Playing Game for Two Space travel with babies Spelling
Spin the Bottle Spiral Splice
Squamous StarFry Adventures Starship Basilisk
Steam Burst Steampunk Serial Stones
Stop Reading to Lose Storyboard Stranded In Space
Stranded: forcing time for thoughts (1p) Strands of Fate Strange Room
Strange Wallets Strongman: Authoritarian Fun For 3+ Players Suits
SuperKid - a game for one adult and one child Superstition A PBTA Add-on Survivors on an Uncharted Island
SwordBearer's Dirge Symbiosis Sympathetic
Take a Drink: the Roledrinking Game Taking a long way home Tales from the Lost Kitchen
Tales from the Wild West Talking Sticks Tall Tales and Tankards
Tears in Heaven Terrible Village Thank You For Sharing
Thank you for the feast The Ark The ArrrPG
The Banquet: A Mealtime RPG The Basic RPG The Beasts Shall No Longer Walk This Earth
The Bengleflaarg The Bridge The Chinese Room
The Chronicles of... The Circle The Council
The Creation The Day They Came The Deep Dark
The Delve The Devil on my Shoulder The Domino's Delivery Crew RP(za)G
The Dreamer The Dreaming Giant The Duel
The Duelin' Blues The Empire won the war, but the people lost The Filigree Prince
The Four Gates: A Mindful RPG The Futility of Unrequited Sentiments The Game of Magical Thinking
The Goblin Warrens The Great Work The Haints' House
The Hands of Rasputin The Heist The Hero Heads Home
The Hero's Last Stand The Heroes' Journey The Holy Mountain
The Human World The Island of Derring-do The King and its Mute Jesters
The Last Day The Last Dragon The Last Summer
The Life of Paul The Manor Game Farm Purge The Marketers
The Mug Is Half... The Orb The Orpheus Trail
The Outsiders RPG The People You Meet On The Graveyard Shift The Perfect Moment is Now
The Petitioners The Places Where I Found You The Protector
The Quest for the Object of Desires The Rapid and the Raging The Sorcerer Supreme!
The Spirits Somnia The Stars Are Angry The Suits RPG
The Tale The Tavern at Dungeon Level 200 The Tavern of Tall Tales
The Things We Do For Love The Town of M The Trial
The Tribe The Trust The Truth of the Stars
The Victory Circle; A Nano-Larp The Village The Wake
The World of Retail The awakening of Asrya The day we were Free
The faithful few The fuel is gone The killing action
The labyrinthine library The stars going out, one by one The story of my life
The world is ending There Is No Way Out Of This Arena They're just dice, right?
This Is Not an RPG Thomas Crown Affair RPG Those Last Moments
Those Who Fled Time Travel Start-Up Company Time to Run
Tiny Tribe To Alex! To Sea In A Sieve!
To Serve A Monstrous Empress: A Sacrifice Too Many Love! Too Much Bubblegum: More than you can chew!
Tracy is Dead Transient Global Amnesia System Translation of Cave 7 Pictographs: First RPG?
Trapped in Deep 7 Trash Pandas Travelling is not so easy...
Treaty at the Stones of Black and White Triad - Deckbuilding Game Tripping Over Yourself
Triumphs and Disasters Truth, Lies and Bullets Turing Story Machine
Tyrze, a MMORPG Ufology For Beginners Ultimate fantasy (or is it?)
Ummenbach Unanimous Under The Mountain
Unknown Kingdoms: The Footsteps of Marco Polo VOICE Vain Superheroes
Valkyrie Girlfriend Valor: The Dimming Flame Vegas
Vestalia: Girls Just Want To Have Fun(ding) Vigilantics WAR and FAITH
Watch Out! Heartfelt Magical Girl Clash! Weapons of Legend Werewolf
Wesworld What Could Go Wrong? What The #@*$ Happened Last Night?
What You Carry When the Fire Dies When the Wolves Come...
Where'd It All Go Wrong? Whip Whispers in the Dark
Who Am I To You? Who killed? - Game about investigation Why We Hunt
Why do I need a name? Wilder Witch Hunt
Wittgenstein's Monster Wizard Journal Wizards of the Tome
Word Wizards World of Stats Xenia
Yammer You're a Werewolf but it's Not a Full Moon Your Honored Guest
Your journey You’ve Been Screwed. Zagyg's Ancestral Words
Znaroks Rocks Zone-side Picnic [REDACTED]
[TECH]: Boldly Go (a Starship Simulator) [a collaborative system of creation] ✗amurai