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Operation: Doomed • 2017 rpg

Anton L. •

This is a game about competent people, in a situation that’s well beyond their capabilities. It requires several d6 per person, preferably of similar sizes, and a stable surface.

Every player except the GM plays a Special Operative. They get a pistol, knife, flashlight, and any three of the following: rifle, first aid kit, body armor, extra ammo, utility gear, extra batteries. The mission is simple: investigate and retrieve what lies at the heart of the target zone at all costs. The crux is, it’s no case of mere murder and crime. As increasingly demented and monstrous people attack them, the nigh-immortal Beast will begin relentlessly hunting them down.

It’s not a game about winning. It’s about surviving however long you can, and making the best of a hopeless situation.

Action resolution is handled by stacking dice. The GM decides the difficulty, which adds 1-3 dice to your tower. If it falls, you roll every die from the tower and add them together.

 2-9   	expend an item. Panic if no items
10-18  	panic: can’t act for the rest of the scene
19-28  	injured: add +1 to action costs
29-39  	dying: roll +2d6 when tower falls
40+    	death

Author Comments

I realized when making this that it seemed a bit like Dread with the dice mechanic. That’s interesting. The Beast is supposed to be a bit like the Alien (from… Alien) or the Dahaka (Prince of Perisa: WW): a more-or-less invincible monster. All in all this was built around the tower of dice idea (don’t do pyramids!) and open to the GM’s imagination (as any other RPG).

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