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The day we were Free • 2017 rpg

Plober • plober.deviantart.com

	This game creates the narration a group of psychiatric patients produce to entertain a Visit. It revolves about their recent attempt to escape the asylum, how was their plan, what they did outside and how they were brought back.

	Players begin choosing their Patient's name and condition. Afterwards, they take turns Telling while the rest are Listening. At any point, a Listener can bid cigarettes to propose a question or add an interesting detail. If the Teller accepts, the Listener takes the Teller's place and elaborates.

	If the Teller gets boring, any bidder can propose a Chill Pill. When every available Chill Pill is being offered, or every Listener is offering one, the Teller will have to gulp one and resign its place to the highest bidder, getting no cigarettes. Bid cigarettes can be increased or decreased, Chill Pills can be taken back.

	Each Patient starts with five cigarettes (matchsticks). Begin with five Chill Pills (mints), the game ends when there are no more left.

	This Sunday, the Patients will tell the Visit the story of the Day they were Free.

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