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2019 Entries

All entries submitted in 2019!

"The Worm" #TWEENHEIST: A Dystopian Social Media RPG & the night swallowed us
(don't) fight Suzanne: an autobiog-rpg (nothing) //AI-BORN
002: License to Eavesdrop 20-sided Die Another Day: an FPS RPG 200 Word RPG Challenge
200 Word RPG: The 200 Word RPG 216 Stitches A Boi likes a Grrl in the 1980s
A Deranged Astronauts Last Flight A Game of Cards A Load of Cobblers
A Most Foul Plot, Averted? A Mutiny Most Foul A Paper Football Game for 2-6 Players
A Sticky Situation ACORN ARKANA
Abandon Abyss of Damned Souls Advent
After Agile Ribbit-ribbit, my Creators salute you! Alien Shotgun
All Systems Critical All That remains All You Can Eat
Alone Amnesia Assassin An Afternoon's Diversion
An Intercepted Communication An Odd Little Town An Old and Well-Worn Cloak
And Then We Were No More And only dust shall remain Animals Are People Too
Answers to Job Après Moi Le Déluge Are You My Maker?
Arkhe-jiken (a samurai honor story) Arté Sophisphicateurs' Societé At Your Highness' Pleasure
Atomic Flux Attrition Audio Commentary
Auntie Comes to Tea Auspicious Ends Awakened
BE THE MOTHERF***ING LORAX Babies Vs. Caretaker Backstage
Baker's Coven Balam Barbaric Feelings
Beloved Leader in Prime of Health! Best Friend Spruce Birth
Blessed Be Blood on Ministry's Carpets Bot's First Words
Braggart Breadcrumbs Broken Memories
Building the Rainbow Bridge Bullshit, LLC Burnt, Truth in a world of lies
CAT vs GHOST Canticula Deperita Caveman's Quest
Chair Codeck Come Home
Confused Detectives Congratulations on your Planet! ConjuRat
Cooking RPG Copycat: A Cyberpunk Game Crimson
Cursed Adventures Cyberpunks & Cadillacs DEATH RACE 20XX-500: SURVIVE, THRIVE, DRIVE
Dappled History Dear Friend... Defixiones Memoria, a Demonic Duel
Descent to the Golden City (Necropolis) Deviants Dice Friends
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dice Dirty Papers Don't Flip Out At Work!
Doom Doppelgänger Double, double toil and trouble.
Dreams of the Old Worm Drunk Monk Dungeon Core!
EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE Electric Hearts Entmoot
Escape from Translucidia Everybody lose Everything I Gave, I Gave For You
Existentialism FATESTONE: A Micro RPG System & World FINAL ATTACK
FINAL GIRLS FOREIGNERS: Learn to Speak the Language FRIDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN: A wrestling game for 2
FUN IS BANNED Fall from Grace Falling Down
Fantasy First Fear the Dark Feeding the Demons
Final Voyage Finding A Thief Finely Marbled
Fish Tale Floating Island Floe - Travelling the Multiverse
Fools on a Journey For Whomever Finds This Free Range
GUTTER RATS Gander Reveal Party Gender Bender
Getting Better Glorious leader is Dead! Goblin Voltron
Great Lord Vacoom Grumpy Neighborhood Happily Ever After
Have you ever seen a dildo factory blew up? Heavy Words Hegemon
Heist Aches Hellephant Hellmosh: The Heavy Metal Murderpit!
Heroes of the 80's Hey, this song reminds me of you Hirelings
Hitman Home Homecoming
Homunculi - Tiny Servants of Evil Housecat-astrophe Hundreds of miles to Safetown (200 Days)
Hunks on an Island Hush I AM / WE ARE
I'm Missing You (Riccardo Cocciante) IF/THEN, a Diceless Paranormal Victorian RPG If I Grow Up
Imposter In Love in a Movie In Our Courts
In The Court of Azathoth In the olden times.. Incubate
Interdimensional Battle of the Bands Interplanetary Interrogator and Suspect
Judy was Punched Just Survive Juxtaposeurs
Kaleidoscope: Deep-Space Survival RPG Keep It Together: A Game About Zombies Killer Party, Dude!
Kuleshov Effect RPG Lands of Nachtmahr Larks at St. Agnes
Last Dance Last Rites Last goodbye
Let's Get Paid Let's make us whole again Library League
Life is Hard Lighthouse Limbo - The Good/Bad Place RPG
Line Little Green Men Scouting Lizard-Sorcerer-Spacemen Agree What to Play
Magic PANIC! Magnum Opus Mahou Shoujo Magical Babysitter
Make it as you go RPG Man is the Warmest Place to Hide Manus artificis in caelis: WIZARD EDITION
Meadhall Tales Medusae Menagerie Menu Quest
Mice Wearing Tiny Scarves: Winter's End Midlife Crisis on Infinite Earths Missing Parts
Mission Ace Moments After - The Storytelling RPG Monsters in the Night
Moonsick Family Murder She Did Muses - Stories Generator
Museum: A solo time travel game. My Lunch with Senator Andre My Red Goddess
Night Monsters No Honor (Among Thieves) OH NO, IT'S GAY!
Object Delusion Support Group Once We Were Beautiful One Foot in Front of the Other
One Must Ascend One Shot, One Kill One Thousand Cuts
Only One Mosquito Onwards and upwards Open Mic at a Funeral
Open Office Floor Plan Our First Date was at the Mini-Golf Course Our bed is but a mossy stone
Out of Time PALACE RUN Paperwork
Paragraphs & Pommels Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme Party's Past
Past Your Bedtime Pawprints Never Cross Asphalt Penumbran Horrors and the Dustmen
Persist - A 200 Word RPG Pet, The Shadow Pigeon? Impossible!
Pirate Showdown Pisa D Action Plasty
Pogs! Pool Pirates Purgatory Train
Ready S.E.T. Spy Reciprocation Remembrance
Rendezvous Responsibilities ReverseVania
Rise and Fall of Civilisations Rising Tides Road Rage
Rogue Demon Hunters Romancing the home Rubik's Labyrinth
SWEAT TEARS BLOOD Sailor's Sewing Day Sailwings
Schrödinger's Underwear Scry - a quick game about fate Serendipity
Shit, The World Is Ending! Shock! Side Kicks
Simple Explorers Sincerely Yours. Sit. Stay. Speak.
Six Commands Six Degrees of Singularity Small Spaces
Snake Eyes Song Duel Space Cowboys
Speak with Dead Spellbook! Stories from the Toybox
Suitimon Adventures Super Dupes! Super Lost
Super Mega Robot Friends! Suspicious Passenger Sustenance and Sustainability
Sword und Shotgun Symb.iont: A 2 Player Role Playing Game THE CRONE AND THE WILD UNKNOWN
Takes two to tango Terminal Dogma The Accord
The Antarctic Expedition The Aversion Implant The Boys
The Bucket RPG The Capsule. The Cryptozoologist
The Defeated The Dragon is Dead The Gentlemen's Discourse
The Getaway The Glass of the Crystal Queen The Heffalumps Graveyard
The House Wins The Icebox The Incorrigible Chatterboxes of Dewarhille
The Inevitable Decision (1 GM & 1+ Players) The Kid From Utah The Last Day of the Plague
The Liminal Hotel Guest Book The Long Stair The Love-Stained Wisdom King
The Old Ways The Panopticon Must Fall The Realm Must Expand
The Sailor's Last Song The Speakables The Stars, Our Constellations
The State Banquet for Visiting Aliens The Struggle The Stuff of Myths and Legends
The Truth about Jevallik: A Game for Two The Tyrant's Dream The Ultimate Kraken Festival
The Unseemly Court The Unspeakable Wisdom The Villain's Gambit
The Waiting Room, Your Partner is in Surgery The [Watch/Beacon/Launch/Mage's/...] Tower The boys are back in town
The cold grave Theatrical Release This place
Three wishes Tickets to Nowhere Times Gone By
To Thine Own Self To dream is to understand Together We Go - An Improv Roleplaying Game
Top Hats Tour Troubles Trashbots
Tree Wars Treecrets Trivial Matters and a Bomb
Two Hearts with One Face Two Weddings and A Funeral Two-Hundred Left Feet A Monster-Making Game
Undecipherable Under the Gaze of the Watchful Sun Until the Spell is Broken
Untitled goose rpg Use Dice on Table Vampire, 2020
Vanquish Veggie Raps Vile Villains
Villa Diodati Vintage Tweensona Vision Quest
Voulez-Vous Waiting for Godot, the Role-Playing Game Wax Nostalgic
Way of the Warrior We Are Sorry We Love You Nino's Pizza
We Who Once Ruled We are Centaurs: a GMless Tribe-tale We collaterally effected (a warm-up game)
We. Are. GNOMES!!! Weapon Systems Weave-Tellings
Weird Wide Web Accelerated Welcome to Haven Westwood Empire
What is the deal with radioactive cannibals? When the world ends Wherefore
Who the hell dun it? Wholesome Bug Date Why Does Someone Always Die at Dinner?
Witches in a well Wiz-O-Vision: Fantasy-Reality TV Woodlings - Guardians of the Woods
Word Warriors Wordhunger Words Over the Airwaves
Ye gods! You Are A Tree You Are Beautiful
You Had a Time Machine You bloody shot me! You're gonna carry them with you
You've Given A Perfectly Good Toaster Anxiety Your Wish... Zombie Mall