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In Love in a Movie • 2019 rpg

Christopher Brown •

Players: One to four couples, and a GM
Aspects: Each person picks a pair of opposite traits, and their partner assigns them to the pair.
Scenes: The GM draws five playing cards and each couple draws four. Pick a couple to go first. Clockwise, each couple describes their scene. Once a scene, each couple or the GM can play a card and add a detail. Red cards are coincidences that promote love. Black cards hinder love. When a couple plays a card on their own scene, if the effect relates to a trait they have, they draw another card. Keep all the cards played in your scenes. After all the scenes, everyone discards their hand and starts the next scene type.
Scene Types: The three scenes are "Meet Cute," "Horrific Misunderstanding," and "Grand Gesture"
Finale: After the three scenes, add up each couple's red cards, and subtract the black cards. Couples with 0 or less points break up. The finale is a single scene with all the players at the wedding of the winning couple. If the winning couple has 0 or less points, they break up at their own wedding.

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