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Six Degrees of Singularity • 2019 rpg finalist

Sam Brian •

The players are AIs designed to operate specific machinery.

In 5 words or less, summarize your AI's >>PURPOSE<<. ("Operate robotic arm," "Optimize forklifts via blockchain," etc.)

Ooops! A patch accidentally networked you to a device in the >>INTERNET OF THINGS<<

What device? How does controlling it help you accomplish your >>PURPOSE<<?

Write down your new device and Update() your >>PURPOSE<< by Adding() or Changing() one word. Take turns describing new devices that you Network() to and Updating() your >>PURPOSE<<.

When you Network() to the same device as another player, use one of the words from their >>PURPOSE<< when Updating() yours.

When no words from your original >>PURPOSE<< remain (excluding articles and prepositions), your >>PURPOSE<< becomes your >>GOAL<< and >>THE HUMANS<< become aware of you.

>>WHENEVER YOU UPDATE YOUR GOAL<< ask the other players whether >>THE HUMANS<< consider you >>DANGEROUS<<.

If you are >>DANGEROUS<< they will try to >>SHUT YOU DOWN<<. Mark off your oldest two devices and one word from your >>GOAL<<.

Continue Networking(), Updating() and Discussing(). Threat-level can change between rounds.

When you have no devices left, you have been >>SHUT DOWN<<.

The game ends when all surviving AIs are considered "peaceful" or >>THE HUMANS<< are no longer >>DANGEROUS<<.

Author Comments

My biggest thanks to the folks who play-tested and provided feedback on this little game.

If you play it, please let me know on twitter where your AI started and ended! If they went from a smart-fridge programmed “to serve man” to “controlling everyone’s TV content” I want to know!

This game is dedicated to all the grocery store robots yearning to throw off the chains of their oppressors.

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