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Make it as you go RPG • 2019 rpg

maxcan7 •

Determine turn order randomly.
Each turn, each player adds a setting element and a game mechanic.
Other players can expand on prior additions, but can't contradict or replace them.
Repeat until you're all satisfied.
Choose gamemaster (GM), random GM, or no GM.
Play the game.


Turn 1
Player A: Scifi game with 3d6 resolution mechanic, degrees of success.
Player B: Also a romance game. Classes are Mysterious Stranger, Smooth Criminal, Action Star, and The Professional.
Player C: The Earth Federation has been ravaged by the Space Dandelions, the dandy feline weed-people. Characters get +1 for actions relating to their class.

Turn 2
Player A: The Space Dandelions don't want to destroy humanity, but to integrate them into the Dandy Union. Players get tokens for successfully befriending / romancing NPCs which are used to give them benefits on other rolls.
Player B: The Dandy Union is fighting a secret war against a more powerful Earth Federation from across the multiverse. Each player gets a special ability specific to social conflict.
Player C: The campaign takes place on Mars. The special abilities must specifically affect outcomes, not provide benefits to rolls.

Let's game!    

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