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The Waiting Room, Your Partner is in Surgery • 2019 rpg finalist

Natalie Ash •

1 player, 3-10 hours

You're in the waiting room. Note the time. Write a letter to your partner about their best qualities. Check the time. Wait until 1 hour has elapsed. Things run long: wait d6 more hours.

Write your dreams for the future. If you leave the room, you'll miss the surgeon coming out.

Why the delay? Was there a transfusion? What blood type is your partner? Can you volunteer your blood? Do you know your blood type? Could you give them your blood, or would it poison them?

At the adjusted time, you're told everything's fine. You'll see your partner in d3 hours.

Nothing's perfect. How does your partner annoy you? Have you written anything after the surgery?

Tear the letter to pieces and discard them. Begin a new letter. Write how your partner disappoints you in small, everyday ways. Tell them why you can't forgive them. Be mean. Consider giving the letter anyway.

When 5 minutes remain, discard this letter.

When 1 minute remains, write a letter about your love. You can't finish it. You are escorted to your partner's room. Do you discard this letter or deliver it?

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