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Speak with Dead • 2019 rpg finalist

Daniel Fowler • no link

To begin, players introduce their mediums and gives an interesting story about the location.  They must each briefly shuffle or handle the deck.

Taking turns each medium closes their eyes, and asks a question of the spirits.  The Spirits (other players) draw a single card, discarding it face down.  Without discussion, they describe or enact the response.  One spirit may narrate the whole response or each may contribute a part.  Messages from the spirits are often confusing.  The current medium may not ask for clarification but may offer their own interpretation.  Any player may touch the deck to end the response and the turn.

When drawing a five or less (including aces), the spirits remain silent, discard the card and wait for the medium to pass their turn.  Otherwise the attitude of the response is decided by the suit of the drawn card. Face cards add an identifiable apparition of some kind.  Responses may include, noises, whispers, memories, apparitions and even movement of furniture.

Six and up:
Heart: Emotion, Memory
Diamond: Definite Affirmative
Club: Violence, Movement
Spade: Definite Denial
Jack: Child
Queen: Woman
King: Man

The night ends when the mediums are certain of the truth or have fled.

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