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RPG FM • 2019 rpg

Ludipe •

2 players
Any app where you can play music.


You live in a remote village. It's a nice place, but there's one thing that really bothers you; reception is terrible, there's one single radio network and it only plays an annoying loop where a dull voice reads the local news.

Talking with a friend you come up with a great idea, you'll start a local radio music show. After getting all the materials you meet at your house for your first show.


The game starts with players picking a name for their show and defining its personality. Will they play all types of music? What's its logo? At what time will your show end?

Players take turns to play songs they like. Each song should be introduced by the player who chose it, either telling why that song is special to them or providing a fun fact about it. The show goes on following the structure agreed by both players (it could have special sections defined by them). The game ends at the time set by the players, who must say goodbye and remind listeners to tune in again next week.

Author Comments

I actually made 7 RPGs, but since only can be submitted to the challenge I uploaded the rest to

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