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Cooking RPG • 2019 rpg finalist

Emma Behymer • no link

Chose who is the best chef among you, they are now head chef the rest are sous chefs.

Head chef 
Baking: 11
Cutting: 13
Frying: 10
Plating: 4
Mixing: 5
Other: 11

Sous chef
Baking: 14
Cutting: 16
Frying: 13
Plating: 6
Mixing: 7
Other: 14

Choose a recipe, any recipe.

For each step of the recipe roll a D20 for the corresponding skill. Roll above or exact to pass. This is for every step from prepping the ingredients to plating. 

If you fail the roll you must mess up that step. It doesn't matter how you mess it up, but you have to mess it up. The head chef gets final say as to how to mess it up. 

If you roll a 20 you perfected that step, and no one can say otherwise.
If you roll a 1 you completely fail that step, more so than you would have you only failed the roll. Please no bodily harm or setting very large fires.

Enjoy the food you made.

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