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We are Centaurs: a GMless Tribe-tale • 2019 rpg finalist

Cyrus •

We hunt.
We protect Backwoods.
We proclaim Prophecies.

We do not help Outsiders.
We do not abandon Tribe.
We do not disturb Order.

Assume !Duties. !Duties narrate #Circumstances when needed:
!Weatherwatcher:	#Backwoods, #Elements
!Perilwarner:		#Outsiders, #Beasts
!Elderthinker:		#Tribe-life, #Wisdom
Describe one threat to Tribe for every #Circumstance. 

Name three Tribe-Centaurs each.
Describe their doings. Narrate circumstances.
Together, tell the Tribe-tale.

Ask others for help, for day.
-Each hunter gathers one [Supply, choose from: [Beast [Plant [Stone.
-Together discover one new ?Omen.

Sum involved ]Protectors and distinct [Supplies spent.
]+[=1: ...are harmed
]+[=2: ...escape, harmed
]+[=3: ...escape
]+[=4: ...are harmed, what you protected is safe
]+[=5: ...and what you protected is safe

When harmed, you cannot Hunt and Protect for two days, burdening Tribe.

Spend [Supply.
Cross-out known ?Omens, and proclaim Prophecy concerning them.
Other Tribe-Centaurs settle implications of Prophecy's fulfillment:
-Which Tribe-Centaur will be Chosen?
-Will Backwoods provide?
-Will Outsiders harass Tribe?
-Will Tribe move?

When you fulfill three Prophecies, create and assume new !Duty with new #Circumstance.
Every thing can belong to one #Circumstance only.

If you'll behave un-Centaurish, you'll scorn Tribe. 
First-time means Warning. Second-time means Branding. Third-time means Exiling.

That is Order.

Author Comments

Thanks to Havock, Maniek, Chorzo, Budek, Tafit and many others for playtesting, proofreading and suggestions.

If you would like to expand the “Protecting” mechanism, here is my suggestion:

Protecting: !Duty determines %Difficulty of narrated #Circumstance. %2=dangerous accidents %12=otherwordly threats Sum ]Protectors involved and distinct [Supplies spent. You… ]+[=%: …are harmed ]+[=%+1: …escape, harmed ]+[=%+2: …escape ]+[=%+3: …are harmed, what you protected is safe ]+[=%+4: …and what you protected is safe

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