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#TWEENHEIST: A Dystopian Social Media RPG • 2019 rpg finalist


! Content Warning: Social Media, Tweens !

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Corporations have taken over.
Algorithms control all.
You are plucky tweens, heisting the Sociosphere before the world burns.

Tweet a CHARACTER SHEET. Pin it.
Sheet contains:
5x VERBS (character's SPECIALTIES)

Form players into 2+ CREWS.

The LEADER of one Crew starts by quote-tweeting a gif of the LOOT to be heisted from the Megacorp, plus descriptions of its location and defenses.
(Include Crews with hashtags.)

Below, they comment a 4-option POLL: 
"This job's gonna take..."
WITS (most retweets)
SPEED (fastest reply)
CHARM (most comments)
STEALTH (least likes)

Included Crews comment on Poll with their characters' ACTIONS. Each must contain a Specialty.
Players may like / retweet ONLY Actions which their Equipment could affect!

When Poll ends, the Action that fulfilled the poll-chosen WIN CONDITION is the TURNING POINT. 
Ties favor Poll's player.
Actions that don't match the Win Condition's "flavor" are only partially successful.

Turning Point's player comments on Turning Point with updated situation and repeats the Poll.

Continue playing!

Heist ends when a Crew gets away with the Loot!
Loot's worth equals number of votes on its most popular Poll.

Each Leader gets to start one heist.
Most Loot wins!

Author Comments


Keep in mind while choosing them that you’ll need to include a Specialty in each of your Actions (these are the verbs your character does!), and that you’ll only be able to help / disrupt other player’s Actions that you can affect with your Equipment. So variety is key! (Don’t worry, though- anything goes in the dystopian near-future, so if you decide all your character carries is bubblegum, a Yu-Gi-Oh collection, and a pair of techno-Heelies, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure something out.)

It’s all meant to have a chaotic, hacking-and-counter-hacking, heists-going-sour vibe!

Here’s a link to the Google Docs version, which I’ll update if need be:

Here’s a link to a pdf of the current version:

Thanks! Have fun!

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