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Persist - A 200 Word RPG • 2019 rpg finalist

Chris Wright • no link

This game is best used with the X Card. Players are free to leave at any time.

Players sit around a table with pens and paper, and smile. On a sheet of paper, write your character's name, a description, their current state, five truths they hold about themselves, and five talents they have.  

Introduce your character to the group. Try to do this in character. Keep smiling.

Players should decide now what is off limits, if anything. Don't put things off limits if possible.

Situations will happen to the characters, progressing along the following scale:

A problem
A crisis
A disaster
A calamity

For each event, pass your character sheet to the left (clockwise) to a person who hasn't yet written on your sheet, if possible.

Have the player write down what happens to your character and cross out a talent, before passing the sheet back. 

Write down how your character responds to the event, using at least one of the remaining talents written on your sheet. Cross out a truth the character holds about themselves before passing the sheet. Keep smiling.

After the last phase, tell each other what happened to you, and what you lost. Keep smiling.

Author Comments

Last year, I spent six weeks dealing with a significant personal issue, working 11 hours a day, 5 days a week. It was one of the most grueling things I’ve ever gone through. At some point during all this, I went to a party. I danced, smiled, and told everyone I was fine. A year later, I still dance, and I still smile. I’m better now though.

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