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Are You My Maker? • 2019 rpg finalist

Samuel Doebler •

One Game Master. One silent Golem. One RPG dice set. Hope starts at d12.

Begin play in the ever-expansive Sunless Sands. 

-What burning runes mark my hull?
-What eerie Threat lurks nearby?
-What steading am I lumbering towards?

Then play five scenes, each centered on a possible Maker.

-What is their Vocation?
-How do they show themselves to be both kind and unkind?
-How are we connected?
-What do they want to use me for?

When the Golem communicates "are you my maker?" roll Hope, then decrease the die size. If you rolled a 3 or lower, there is strong evidence they are. 

After the fifth scene, the Golem chooses a new Master or renounces them all and wanders the Sunless Sands. 

Then the Threat descends upon you.

-What hope do I have?
-Does the threat overpower me?
-Whose servant am I?

D4 Threats
1- demon vultures
2- pale sandwyrm
3- metal-hungry scavengers
4- insane efreeti

D12 Vocations
1- ember alchemist
2- dust artist 
3- sitar master
4- obsidian warlord
5- caravan financier
6- sandwyrm harpooner
7- azure priestess
8- crescent smith
9- inventive urchin
10- foreign astrologist
11- alabaster princess
12- silk magi

Author Comments

Influences: Arabian Nights, Dr. Seuss, Journey (video game), Unearth (board game), The Sundered Land (role-playing game)

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