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Everything I Gave, I Gave For You • 2019 rpg finalist

Ursidice •

! Content Warning: Parenthood, motherhood, parent-child relationships !

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Held in your arms is a life. 
You bore them in you, gave them blood and oxygen. 
Now they breathe alone, yet need you more than ever.
Let no harm come to them.
They require sacrifice. You will give more than your share.
You begin with four Boons and four Flaws. The life in your arms has none. 
When troubles face you, roll 1d10 and 1d6. 
If a Boon aides you, roll another d10. If a Flaw hinders you, roll another d6. 
If the total of your d10s equals or beats your d6s, you succeed; the trouble is overcome. Remove a Boon from yourself and grant one of your choice to the life in your arms.
If the total is lower, you are hindered and face fresh trouble; choose one of your Flaws for the life in your arms to inherit. You retain the Flaw. If the life has all your Flaws, create one extra just for them.
When you have no Boons left, your work is done. 
The life in your arms may walk the way without you now, to face their own troubles. 
One day they may hold a life of their own, beautiful and flawed.

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