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You Are A Tree • 2019 rpg finalist

Ainsley Kalb • no link

! Content Warning: Death !

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You are a tree. Your bark is (choose one):
Scaly, Peeling, Furrowed, Smooth.
Your leaves are (choose one):
Ribbed, Serrated, Lobed, Pinnate.

The world is (choose two):
Desolate, vibrant, surreal, magical, frightening, ancient, overwhelming, unforgiving, beautiful, chaotic.  

Play through three rounds: Young, Middle-aged, Old. Each round, each player rolls d4 for their season. Re-roll if you've rolled that season before. Describe the listed thing for your traits. 

1- Spring
Smooth: Your oldest memory
Lobed: Your first encounter with a non-human animal
Both: What animals are living inside you
Neither: Your first encounter with a human

2- Summer
Scaly: What's carved into you
Ribbed: Happiest thing you've seen  
Both: How do you feel about squirrels
Neither: Who or what did you comfort

3- Autumn
Furrowed: Saddest thing you've ever seen
Pinnate: How do you feel about birds
Both: How do you feel about humans      
Neither: What do you dream about 

4- Winter
Peeling: What your wood will be used for
Serrated: First thing you watched die
Both: How you'll die
Neither: What is the closest you've come to death

After three rounds, you die. Describe how you are or are not remembered.

Author Comments

Inspired by my Writing Nature class

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