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Moonsick Family • 2019 rpg finalist

Michael T Lombardi •

! Content Warning: Food !

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Touched by Her Paw, you've grown up in a village, a pack.
Your coming of age was your first hunt; elation, terror, hunger, and *life* as you'd never known before.
Your whole family was there, running beside you.

Then, Hunters came, more every year, scattering your family.

Now, your pack is found-family.

Answer yourself:

- What terrifies you?
- What do you hunger for?
- Why do you risk your life?

Answer together:

- Why do you run together?
- Where are you going?

A large bag of sweet jerky, a small bag of spicy; cut into bite-size pieces; place in a bag.

You've two tracks, Hunger and Moonsick.

Rate challenges 1-3, 3 being hard.

Draw pieces = rating; if any are spicy, fail.

For every packmate who helps, draw one fewer.
Draw fewer pieces by increasing Hunger 1:1.

If Hunger reaches 5, you *must* transform.
Decrease Hunger by eating raw flesh while transformed.

You may transform at will. Lasts for Hunger minutes.
While transformed, succeed in all challenges.
After, increase Moonsick by 1 if voluntary, 3 if not.

If Moonsick reaches 10, you're forever the beast.
Decrease Moonsick by sharing a secret with a packmate.

Each session ends when out of jerky.

Author Comments

I want to take the time to thank Jammi, Geoff, and Saker for their kind words and feedback!

You’re amazing and I probably wouldn’t have submitted this entry without our discussions!

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