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Come Home • 2019 rpg finalist

Ash Cheshire •

! Content Warning: Death !

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Plain Paper
X card

A childhood friend has died.
What was their name?
Say it together when you've decided.

You're going home for the first time since adolescence for the funeral. 
How long has it been?

Reminisce about home.
The town's rural. What industry established it?
The town's old. How does that show?
The town's small. Why couldn't it grow?

Make a map of town as you remember it.
Draw this map in pencil.
Start with a main street stretch near the center of the paper. 
Remember together and draw.
Take turns drawing a map location that was special to your friend. Tell us how you know.

Come home.
Before the funeral, you visit with each other.
The town survived a disaster. What happened?
The town is dying. Why?

Say goodbye.
At the funeral, eulogize your friend.
Take turns telling us something about them.
Mark their resting place on the map with the pen.
Promise to stay in touch with each other.

Accept what is.
After the funeral, you wander town before leaving.
Take turns updating your locations on the map 
in pen 
over your previous pencil work. 
Tell us how it's changed.

Go home.

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