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We Who Once Ruled • 2019 rpg finalist

Michael Dunn-OConnor •

! Content Warning: vampires, violence, antagonistic player characters !

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You are the last remaining vampires

Handmade masks, worn throughout play
Red and black fingerpaint

Take turns clockwise.  The condition of your mask determines your prompt.

Memory (Fresh or Partially Red)
"I once ruled..."
Describe the decadent power you once held.

The others either respond:
"But now"
Describe how that institution was lost to time, or taken by mortals for their own ends.  Relish their loss.

Or one may challenge:
"But I envied it..."
Describe how they sought to usurp this power.

The challenger and challenged smear red on their masks, revealing simultaneously.  The others point to the reddest mask: this is the winner.  If uncertain, pass to the next turn.

The loser marks their mask with black.

Rage (Completely Red)
	Say to another:
"I have come for you..."
Describe your attempt to destroy them.  They respond.
The others decide a winner and point to them.
The loser must destroy their mask.

Regret (Black Mark)
"I never..."
No one responds
Smear at least enough red to cover your mark.

Twice-Dead (Destroyed)
Do not speak words or take turns (still point).
Walk around, clutching your broken mask, hissing or laughing at those remaining.

End when one remains

Author Comments

Thanks to: Walker Dunn-OConnor BOARGADE Will Jobst Kevin Petker Eli Seitz Simon Aaron F Jason Tocci nonsonogiucas Deckard

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