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Word Warriors • 2019 rpg finalist

Pete Lyons • no link

Requirements: Pen, Paper, a Dictionary 

One player is the GM and the rest are knights of Alphabetia.

Character Creation:

Open to a random dictionary page. Choose a word for your name, and choose an adjective, verb, and noun as your knight's Strengths. 

Sample Character:

My name is Scar.
I am scary,
I can scam,
and I have a scarf.


The GM describes Alphabetia and knights describe their actions there.

When an actions' outcome is uncertain the GM chooses a number to represent that action's difficulty. The knight rolls 1d6. If the result is above the number they succeed. Otherwise the situation worsens.

If a knight's Strength applies add +1. If it applies perfectly add +2. 

Using a scarf to tie someone up would grant +1. Using it to protect against cold weather would grant +2.


In Alphabetia, letters are the building blocks of reality. Overcoming obstacles may cause letters to drop. Knights transform letters into Strengths by spelling words.

Convincing a dragon to stop eating peasants may make HUNGRY drop. A knight may take UNR and gain the Strength to run!

Sample Quests: 

Seek the Synt-Axe: Single swings reshape reality...
March of Minyons: Misspelled monstrosities menace!

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