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Until the Spell is Broken • 2019 rpg

Gretchen Turonek •

Your characters were magically cursed. Who or what was responsible? Was it the same for all of you? 

Roll d6s or choose. Consider what your curse says about you. Who are you? What should you learn? Have you accepted it, or do you want to break it? How does it affect your life? Make it as funny or dramatic as you like, but not too real: other people's lived experiences aren't for your entertainment.

1 - You become non-human
2 - You're still human, but something's weird
3 - A tether to something/someone/somewhere
4 - Separation from something/someone/somewhere
5 - Something happens to/around you
6 - Something doesn't/won't happen

1 - Periodically
2 - Certain physical/emotional states
3 - Gradually
4 - Always
5 - Someone else decides
6 - You try to talk about it

What you need to be free
1 - Love
2 - Atonement
3 - Vengeance
4 - A recipient
5 - Time
6 - An epiphany

Meet everyone else. Talk to and support each other. Confront whoever or whatever did this to you, if you want. Help each other break free, or make it easier to live with this.

Author Comments

I’ve tried to turn this premise into a novel a few times. It turns out that it should have been a game instead, so here we are.

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