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Out of Time • 2019 rpg

Chuck Dee •

"Only you can save us," an older version of yourself said.  "I didn't, but you can." He handed you a book and a die as he faded away.  Passages were missing from the book, but you could infer your nemesis was erasing your existence; the die would allow you to move through time to stop him from interfering with your temporal selves as they faced critical challenges.


Pencil, Paper, d6, cards.



Clubs = Physical
Hearts = Social
Diamonds = Spirit
Spades = Mind


2 - Faith
3 - Pride
4 - Gain
5 - Elements
6 - Mystery
7 - Bravery
8 - Loss
9 - Health
10 - Persistence
J - Poison
Q - Horror
K - Power
A - Control


6+ = Yes, and gain a Trait with no bonus
4-5 = Yes
3- = No, and -d6 Stability

Traits: +3 bonus once/game.
Traits mitigate harm; -1 from next roll/damage and Trait is lost.


Describe character; choose 2 Traits/Aspect

10 (Temporal) Stability


Deal 13 cards/hand, face down.  Flip card, describe challenge using Aspect/Subject.  Describe action, resolving with a d6. 


After four hands narrate your win, or if stability drops to zero/lose all traits in an aspect, your erasure from history.

Author Comments

I wish I had more time to playtest it- still not sure about the balance. Formatted version at

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