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Weave-Tellings • 2019 rpg

Dan Cox •

Collect a ball of yarn. With three or more people, gather in a circle in a large area. 

Each person gathered is a potential Speaker. The role of a Speaker is to add to the Telling.

All Tellings start with a single problem. There might be a mighty and terrible war between nations, or the strain of jealousy between neighbors in a small community. The first Speaker establishes what the problem is for the Telling.

Once a Telling has a problem, the Speaker must loop the yarn once around their hand and then pass the ball to another person.

Not all gathered may want to add to the Telling. The next Speaker in turn is someone who will describe how a single character in the Telling encounters the problem and how they seek to resolve it. When they are finished, they must loop their hand in the yarn and pass the ball to the next willing Speaker.

A Telling continues as long as there is yarn to spin. Each speaker maintains their threads to the ball as it is passed, and all Speakers describe only a single, new character. A weave grows through the connections between characters and Speakers.

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