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The Accord • 2019 rpg finalist

Liam Moher • no link

! Content Warning: Politics, Religion, Possible dark or violent themes !

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The Arch-Duke and The Tyrant have decreed that hostilities between human and monster kind must end. You are corrupt, squabbling dignitaries meeting at Blighthollow to draft the accord for this uneasy peace.
You have a Need that the truce threatens. Try to alter the accord to protect your Need.

Choose a role:
- Aristocrat (Trophies)
- Bishop (Rage)
- Champion (Enemy)
- Chancellor (Scapegoat)
- Inquisitor (Prey)
- Magistrate (Plunder)
- Necromancer (Carrion)
- Priest (Fear)
- Traitor (Protection)
- Warlord (Enemy)

Separate into Human and Monster contingents. Odd one out is a "neutral" signatory (pick a second need).

Describe your character in a few words or short sentences. Define your Need more fully.

Each contingent alternates proposing amendments to the accord. Neutral parties may also make proposals. Argue each proposal's merits and flaws in-character. Draw maps, take notes, world build and make side deals as you debate.

Anyone may call for a vote at any time. If seconded, vote on the amendment. With a majority vote, the amendment is ratified and added to the accord. You cannot repeat failed proposals.
Repeat until either contingent has no more amendments they wish to propose.

Discuss the fallout of the final accord. If your Need wasn't met, what is your fate?

Author Comments

I’m not normally very good at or a big fan of political scheming in games, but that’s why I wanted to try my hand at it.

On the chance I make an expanded version of this, you can find it here:

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