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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dice • 2019 rpg finalist

Jon Gill •

3-7 players play as celebrity chefs. You each star in your own restaurant review show.

Describe your chef's:
Culinary specialty or dietary restriction

Do not name your show yet.

Players take turns in clockwise order.

On your turn, pick another player to scout a restaurant for you to feature on your show. They describe the restaurant and the kind of food it serves. They then pick another player to play the restaurant's head chef. (This can be their celebrity chef or a new character - their choice.)

The head chef walks you through the preparation of one of their dishes. Feel free to interrupt to ask them to clarify things for the audience or to insert your hilarious catchphrase. Play things up for the camera. You're the star here, not them.

When the head chef is done, roll a d10 to determine how much you enjoy their food. Narrate your reaction as you eat the food on camera.

Once each player has had 2 turns (1 for 5+ players), you must end your episodes. In turn order, give your show's trademark sign-off line to the camera. Be sure to work your show's name into the sign-off.

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