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Hundreds of miles to Safetown (200 Days) • 2019 rpg

Chris Hallberg •

It's hundreds of miles to Safetown.
It'll take 200 DAYS to get there, maybe longer.

Choose a PARTNER.

What brought you together?
Why can't you stay?
How will you get there?

Not every day is eventful. To PASS TIME, both roll a d20.

The DIFFERENCE is how an EVENT affects your partnership.

    When the DIFFERENCE is less than SEVEN, the EVENT brings you closer together.
        Something makes your day.

    When the DIFFERENCE is SEVEN or more, the EVENT drives you farther apart.
        Something important is lost or broken.

    When you roll the same number, you enjoy the peak of your relationship.
        Something in your chest expands.

    When a 1 and 20 are rolled, the EVENT creates an unmendable rift.
        Something will never be forgiven.
        Leave your PARTNER behind.

Create EVENTS together and overcome them together.

The SUM is how many days pass after the EVENT. PASS TIME until 200 DAYS have come and gone.

Complete the journey.

-: Optional EVENT Aid : draw inspiration for each rolled digit (20 = 2 and 0) :-

0   a FRIEND            1   a STRANGER
2   a BEAST             3   a PLANT
4   the NIGHT           5   the WEATHER
6   our FOOD            7   our GEAR
8   the PAST            9   the FUTURE

Author Comments

Thank you for reading and playing! I’ll be incorporating feedback into my 250 word edition here:

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