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Hey, this song reminds me of you • 2019 rpg winner

Lyric Fontanilla •

A two-player experience about listening to music together.

to set up, each player shares one song to the other, then they narrate who their character is based on your songs. both songs are added to a new playlist.

to start, player-A shares a song to player-B and says "hey this song reminds me of you"

player-B then leads a scene inspired by the song.

a scene needs to be about a time the two characters listened to this song together, sharing some kind of vulnerability like listening to something in a car or listening on a call late at night or in a crowded room with shared earbuds. have your characters converse and interact.

at the end of every scene, both players vote at the same time to add the song to the playlist

if both say no: it does not get added.
if there's a disagreement: naysayer removes a song.
if both say yes: add the song.

now player-B shares a song to player-A and player-A leads a scene. scenes can take place hours, days, or even years after the previous scene.

if you feel as though their story is told, give the playlist a name.

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