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Witches in a well • 2019 rpg

Frank Mottokrosh Reding •

You are witches in a well, hurtling through space and time, escaping said place by creating a spell with a suitable rhyme.

Each round you arrive at a location, which, in your desperation, each witch describes with a word, until everyone's been heard.

Now each witch wagers an appropriate possession, maybe a piece of their garment as concession, to sacrifice for the spell to decamp their cell.

One starts at random, attempting a rhyme, with all of these words, in but one minute's time.

Should the witch fail, you all have to bail, and try again on the next rotation.

Describe again this new location, once more wager an oblation, then it is the next witch's vocation to attempt the spell to save you from the well.

When the locations bested equals the number of witches, however divested, the spell is complete, the hurtling rested, and the witches freed.

If personal affairs become dangerously scarce, and you run out of witchy wares, you're stuck in these nightmares, and sheer out of good luck.

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