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Dirty Papers • 2019 rpg finalist

Speak the Sky •

for 3-6 players

1+ pencils
Index cards

You're an archaeological team in ancient ruins. One player is the Professor; going clockwise, each player has less seniority.

Each describe something about the landscape, ruins, and camp.

Start on Day 1. Progress starts at 1.

On each Day:
1) Roll dice equal to Progress. Even results are Finds. Add 1 Progress per Find.

2) Taking turns in seniority order, describe a Find, and write that on a card, until each is described.

3) Discuss these Finds. Write your interpretation of each on its card. Anyone above you can cross yours out; anyone above them can re-write it, and so on.

4) If you described none, or fewer than the Professor, describe something about the landscape, ruins, or camp.

5) Tally each player's interpretations (re-written ones count for each player who wrote them). In descending order, voice a judgement about the people who lived here. Later judgements cannot contradict earlier ones. Write them down.

Go to the next Day.

If a Day has 3+ Finds, do not increase Progress. On future Days, subtract 1 Progress per Find.

When Progress reaches 0, end the Dig.

Author Comments

A little game about academic power (non-autobiographical).

Our judgements die with us.

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