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Once We Were Beautiful • 2019 rpg

Peter Casey •

We sang the world into being.
We were life and dreams, the Fair Folk.
Now it fades, but
Once We Were Beautiful.

Together in our last moments, the last chance to shape our fates.

Choose one Aspect 
Your original purpose. 
Examples: Love, Violence, Art, Fear.

Assign Stones
5 per pool: Action, Memory

Choose one Goal (mutually exclusive)
* Leave your mark, remembered
* Regain full memory, die at peace
* Live forever, but un-remembering and unremembered

Choose Action or Memory. 
Spend 1 stone.
Say what your story is about.

Throw Rock-Paper-Scissors. 
Win = success. Loss = failure. Tie = Costly success.
Share memory or action connected to your Goal, matching the result.

May call forth old magic (Aspect) twice.  
Spend 2 stones. Throw twice. Keep better result. 
Double the Fade/Legacy outcome.

Fade. Failure or costly success, add 1 stone.
Legacy. Costly success or success, add 1 stone.

7 stones in either: 
Fade. Fade away, lost and forgotten. 
Legacy. Achieve Goal.
Tell the story of your final end.

Each ending, all others: Accept 1 Fade or gamble & throw.
Gamble: Win = 1 Legacy. Tie = 1 Fade. Loss = 2 Fade.

Our time in this world is over.

Author Comments

The tone can be a bit heavy. Feel free to set different mood expectations in your story circle. Usually defaults to modern day or classic fantasy “end of an age”. Feel free to have a discussion defining your “current day” setting and story world. If you’d like a pretty image version for single page printing, get it here:

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