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FINAL GIRLS • 2019 rpg finalist

Alex Flanigan •

! Content Warning: violence, murder, use of fire, mention of scars !

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You are the Final Girls, last bastion of your fractured group left standing against a relentless killer. The killer will not rest until they, or all of you, are dead. But they don't win this time.

dark room
six-sided die
red lipstick
2+ players

Light candle. Turn off lights. Take turns rolling the die and answering questions. Every time you answer, mark somewhere on your body with the lipstick.

1. What distinguishing characteristic of the killer's did you see? Where have you seen it before?
2. How did you narrowly escape this time? Why won't it work again?
3. What makes you stronger than people think?
4. What did you lose before you had nothing left to lose?
5. What about you is too messy, too broken, too much for most people? How has it saved you here?
6. How did you die?

When only 1 Final Girl remains alive, she blows out the candle and describes how she defeats the killer once and for all. Turn on the lights and celebrate your scars together.

Author Comments

This game would not exist without the collected creative work of Lauren Milici, who will always be synonymous with the image of the Final Girl to me. Thanks, Lauren!

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