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Missing Parts • 2019 rpg finalist

Andy Ernst • no link

In Missing Parts you play broken robots in a scrap heap trying to repair themselves so they can escape. Robots can look like anything but always have thoughts and feelings.

A 52 card playing deck represents scrap parts. Your parts are always face up in front of you. 
Start by memorizing a part from the deck and shuffling it back in. This is your missing part.

On your turn, reveal one part from the deck, describe that part of you and why it evokes the following emotion:
SPADES - anger/frustration
HEARTS - connection/trust 
DIAMONDS - hope/joy 
CLUBS - sadness/despair  

Then choose an action and play a scene using the emotion:
SCAVENGE - take three parts from deck or discard, keep one 
SHARE - share a moment with another, take two cards and they take one
STEAL - steal a card from another 
TRADE - trade with another 
BREAK DOWN - discard four parts to take one from anywhere in the discard

When you obtain four-of-a-kind + your special part, escape the scrap heap. If you have four-of-a-kind but no special part, you may escape but you are broken and changed. When either happens, other players have one round to escape or they remain forever.

Author Comments

I would love input on my game, and let me know if you play it!

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