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No Honor (Among Thieves) • 2019 rpg finalist

Johnathon Kulchyski • no link

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  Pull off heists and get the most cash!

First Game
  Characters are created as newbies. 

  The first heist is robbing a convenience store. Shares are $200. 

  Newbies get double the share value for their bidding cash, Pros get triple, and the Ringleader get quadruple. 

  Each player proposes a problem. Each of these problems are marked down in whatever order the group decides.  

  Problems are resolved one at a time. First, players with incapacitated PCs each add a complication, then the remaining players agree how their PCs will resolve the problem. After this, each player declares a possible outcome to the problem. 

  Each player bids by secretly writing down their desired outcome and their bid. All bids are revealed at once. The outcome that wins the bid goes into effect, and all bids are subtracted players cash. Ties are broken by additional bids. 

  Begging, bribing, and backstabbing, other players is encouraged!

  If the PC survived they become a Pro. The PC that survived with the most bidding cash left over from the heist becomes the Ringleader. Otherwise the player must make a Newbie. 

  Finally the Ringleader chooses the next heist target and the new value of shares. 

Author Comments

A diceless, GMless game meant to simulate the opening to the Dark Knight movie.

Thank you to my loving wife for her proofreading

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