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Under the Gaze of the Watchful Sun • 2019 rpg

Gabrielle Bleu •

One player is the sun, the other the planet orbiting it. The sun player goes first, and roles a d6 to determine what kind of sun they are.

1 = A large, yellow sun with many sunspots.
2 = Two twin suns, burning dimly.
3 = A sun whose solar winds cause auroras of rose and lilac and gold.
4 = A sun prone to being eclipsed by the moon.
5 = A white sun, which periodically develops green-tinged flares.
6 = A sun that is dying.

These types should be augmented by further description from the sun player.

The planet player describes the type of world the sun's rays have created and the life that inhabits it. Afterwards, they roll a d6 to determine their planet's first space mission.

1 = An uncrewed probe.
2 = A ship with domesticated animal(s).
3 = A craft bearing lichens/algae/mold.
4 = A vessel with a crew of one.
5 = A craft containing recordings of the planet's music.
6 = A ship staffed by two or more.

The first flight should be augmented by further description from the planet player.

The sun player then describes how the sun looks upon this first foray. With tenderness, fury, regret, or something else?

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