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Auspicious Ends • 2019 rpg finalist

Clare Jones •

They told you that Something is coming in seven days, you all know in your bones that it's true.

Take a selection of dreamlike images (from the internet or a boardgame such as Dixit) as Omens and split them between everyone.

GM describe where the players are spending their last week before the Arrival. Players describe your characters.
Each player is the Fate of the player to their left - secretly write down 3 predictions:
Who they will be
What they will do
How they will die
Put down an Omen you feel represents each one in front of the player.

When you act, roll d6, 5-6 succeeds. Your Fate will place an additional d6 to roll on any Omen they feel the action plays into.

Each night, everyone has the same dream; a means to avert the coming doom? The GM selects an image to represent it. If they feel the players succeed at fulfilling the Omen in the following day, they mark a success.

At the end of 7 days. Look at how many successes were marked:
Describe how disaster was miraculously averted
Describe how you somehow hold on
Describe how it all falls apart

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