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Incubate • 2019 rpg

Rhys McCane •

This game requires:
- 4 players (3 Bearers, 1 Serpent of Death)
- One egg (a real one)

This is the World-Egg. Your sacred lands have been killed by the High Cities of Troke. The World-Egg must hatch to start the Universe anew.


- You must take the World-Egg to the World's End. 
- Stand about a meter away from each other. 
- One of you holds the egg.

Each Bearer chooses a different duty:


The Serpent of Death:

- You desire to see the World-Egg shatter.
- Stalk around the circle 
- Conjure up obstacles between Bearers and the End.

Example Obstacles:
-- Citizens of Troke where they disdain belief in the World-Egg,
-- Shadow creatures that use dreams as blades,
-- Twisting landscapes that trick and snare,
-- All else that is evil.

Bearers describe how they overcome obstacles, then must throw the egg to the Bearer with the relevant duty. If that Bearer already has the egg, Bearers must find another approach.

After catching the egg, take a half step back.

If the egg breaks, the Universe dies. 

If Bearers overcome nine obstacles, they have reached the World's End and the World-Egg hatches. All of time and space is reborn. The Serpent hibernates. Rejoice.

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